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Sujin Taisen Number Battles is a new kind of board game that combines puzzle and strategy. You take turns against human or computer opponents in an attempt to reach a target score by placing numbered tiles on the board.

You can score points by linking tiles of the same number, sequence of numbers, or tiles in a loop. Special squares will affect play in new ways and you there are useful items that aid you in your pursuit of points.

You can go it alone in the main Story or Puzzle modes or battle against up to three opponents online.

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Posted by Adam

Swap your Shuriken for a stylus and get ready to play!

Sujin Taisen: Number Battles is a digital rerelease of the Japanese title, Suujin Taisen, which was released on Nintendo DS over two years ago in Japan. The game combines elements of classic games such as Mah-jong and Dominoes and mixes them with strategy...

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Ark said:

Is this coming to Europe/America or was a page just made for it? I'd get it instantly if it did come.



hjetyekus said:

Believe me, this title is absolutely well worth its price. Very addictive AND you can play it (at last) worldwide with others.

I forecast a rating of 8/10 or higher!

I am just playing it!



Gogata said:

This really rocks, I love it! So addictive and gameplay is quite original... Online mode works perfectly, fast, no spammers and with no bugs at all!

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