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Your goal in Art Style: PiCTOBiTS is simple: clear large blocks that fall from above ("megabits") by combining them with "bits" (square blocks) of the same color.

Add in the ability to pick up bits and place them anywhere on the touch screen, and you'll quickly find that strategy is critical to your success. By clearing the bits, you gradually reveal each stage's hidden game character - look for favorites from classic NES titles - and earn coins that can be spent to unlock DARK stages or to listen to the game's soundtrack in MUSIC mode.

This grand mix of familiar elements and new game play leads to the uniquely enjoyable experience that is PiCTOBiTS.

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Posted by Brody Olimar

DSiWare goes to bits and pieces.

Creating a killer puzzle game is a difficult task these days, mainly because pretty much all of the decent ideas have already been taken. However, Nintendo (along with developer Skip) have succeeded in cooking up an entirely fresh take on the 'falling...

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KeeperBvK said:

Looks like a mix of Quarth and the Metroid mode in Tetris DS. Despite me being a puzzler maniac, this doesn't appeal to me at all.



Metroid133 said:

This looks like it is my most wanted DSi game to come out. I hope it comes out by the time I get my DSi.



xDlmaoxD said:

Looks really fun, i was waiting for a Tetris looking game and I guess this will do.




Potentially another brilliant puzzler from the art style people. Clever people that they are. Most likely an insta-download for me.

I want Art Style's Nalaku as well when the comes out



StarDust4Ever said:

Dude! - Last time I was a game that looked this cool, it was Tetris DS...

I splurged and downloaded all of the available ArtStyles games on my Wii/DSi - not a decision I regret at all - I will definitely add this to my collection asap when it is released.



PhillaLoup said:

PictoPict looks to me as if its the most boring games of the serie...

But there will be 6 Art Style games finally or am I wrong?




Wiiloveit said:

Looks a bit slow paced and complicated for me, I'm afraid, though it's nice to see all those retro characters return :)



nagareboshi said:

I don't really understand it yet.... But I wanna try it out as soon as it is released in the EU store!



NikeXTC said:

Same as nagareboshi... I can't fully understand how you play it from the video...



GamerZack87 said:

Neat :D

Wonder what new name it'll have when it's released here on what I suspect is this Friday morning...along with Super Mario Kart! hint hint



StarDust4Ever said:

:D :D :D This game is AWESOME!!! For all of you people's waiting for the NintendoLife review, that time could be better spent playing this most awesome game. Download now!!! :D :D :D

My only real critique is that they couldn't have picked a more boring-looking icon for the game in the DSi shop :| Nine dull looking squares - great way to attract people to download - come on Nintendo, great marketing stratedgy...

EDIT: Although I blasted through the first ten stages in relatively short time span, just to let you know before you go spending coins trying to unlock all of the DARK stages, be advised that even on level 1 they are Über-Hard :P



Dwarfer said:

Please please Nintendo. Pu this on the Europe DSiWare shop tonight. Can' wait to download this game.



easy as pie, im already at the dark remix stage of lvl 13
[formerly user Gunzelino, now user Edesto]



elucas said:

This game is awsome. I don't like puzzle games very much, and yet I love it. It's perfect for just short play sessions. Well worth the 500 points.



Kyloctopus said:

Ugg this isn't worth it too difficult. The good thing is you get to see characters in 8 bit. But tetris ds does the same thing.



AnimeGirl007 said:

hmmm... looks very tempting... It doesn't seem that bad for a score of 9 out of 10. But it doesn't look like thesort of game I would go 'WOW!'. I'll skip it. Maybe next time there might be a better game.



yodude said:

I would say this is one of the top 5 DSi titles. It is retro and relevant,



ChibiJib said:

I should've got this instead of a little bit of puzzle league, but puzzle league is still fun! :)




One of the funnest games for the DSi, probably my favorite DSiware game. Awesome music, graphics and just plain fun. Especially for those of us who used to have a NES, Pictobits brings back so many good memories. Highly recommended.

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