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Thu 27th Oct 2011

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PoTher commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening:

I can't find the enemy list for each battle. I can see all my units' stats and inventory in my army's list, but what happened to the list of enemies? Am I missing something, or is the game? It's frustrating having to move the cursor over every enemy.



PoTher commented on Silicon Knights Working on "Most Requested Tit...:

I was wondering that myself. I mean, with Rare, Nintendo could easily have kept, say, Conker mainly because the character first appeared in a Nintendo franchise (Diddy Kong Racing). But, Nintendo acknowledged Conker as being a Rare creation and therefor let them keep him. Nintendo could more easily have let SK keep Eternal Darkness (though the ED IP is worth so much more than Conker). Also, Too Human was slated for the GameCube, so I wonder how much, if any, Nintendo had their magical fingers in that before SK took it away.

Regardless of who owns the rights, I hope ED does get a sequel, lives up to its predecessor, and graces a Nintendo console.



PoTher commented on Super Mario 3D Land Made for Snacking, Not Gor...:

I wonder if "short bites" doesn't have anything to do with the 3DS's limited battery life between charges. I know when I saw the demo for Luigi's Mansion 2, I noticed a lot of angular edges instead of rounded ones. Knowing they could do better, I can only presume its because of battery limitations and that LM2 has larger gameplay chunks. Regardless of whether or not a 'Suspend Data' function is included, I'm really worried about other titles like RE Revelations, MGS Snake Eater, etc. I'm horrified of having to fully charge my 3DS just to play an hour session, which would be less time than I normally put into those types of games. I love deep experiences on my handhelds (especially since the DS family offers more than just portability and exclusive games).

The glut of tails seems like Nintendo was trying too hard to be cute and maybe catering to a younger, more mainstream demograph; rather than approaching SM3DL like they should any other entry in the Mario franchise. And the arrows pointing to the goal? Please be optional. Nintendo does have a knack for making cakes with 2 flavors: the light with the optional full-flavor. But yeah, lately Nintendo's been giving the serious gamers an empty plate (or watering things down like SM3DL's Tanooki "suit" just acting more like the raccoon tail from SMB3). Casual flavors seem prevalent, yet what about the connoisseurs? Nintendo won't even release Fatal Frame, the Last Story, Xenoblade, & Pandora's Tower on the Wii in the US market. As for 3DS titles published by Nintendo already in the US market? Graphic/touchscreen upgrades to classics (no new levels/enemies), and portable versions of casual games leaves my stomach rumbling and my mouth free to grumble.

And let me guess: They only tacked 'Land' in the title, loading it with SMB3 elements instead of expanding upon the actual Super Mario Land series. If none of the enemies, bosses, or a brand new main boss isn't in Super Mario Land 3D, then how else can they justify using 'Land' in the title?

Hamburger? Still sounds more like a 'slider' right now. A gloomy Gus? Moi? Maybe, but I will reserve a glimmer of hope that it's a full-fledged hamburger and the meat cooked long enough. Who knows, maybe they even toasted the bun a bit.



PoTher commented on Iwata Reveals Big New Improvements for eShop:

All sound like good steps forward.

Now, if only there was an update that would keep my Home Menu from being cluttered with 3DS downloads that I've finished; without deleting them, switching out SD cards, or moving their icons to far-flung slots. Maybe a toggle to block/unblock the icons from showing up. Another upgrade I think would be cool is to have a customizable interface, such as changing the 'Play Coin' icon to 'Play Repees' (which could even vary in color depending on the amount earned).



PoTher commented on Nintendo Developing New Game Genres to Revital...:

@ LadyPhoenix: Aw, you shouldn't be ashamed of your own body.

Anyway, hopefully it's something elegant & a "non-game" that's fun. Though I wish games like Hotel Dusk would see an increase (wish the US would've @ least gotten the sequel, Last Window). But something new in that vein could involve interactive comic books or something.



PoTher commented on 3DS Second Circle Pad Formally Announced:

With all the effort Nintendo dedicated to designing the 3DS, why release this? Sure, pretty much anything can be improved upon, but so soon and with something that could potentially split the already "small" 3DS user-base? As StarDust touched upon, Nintendo might have already done so with its DSi (to me it felt like ver. 1.5 in the DS family; sorry).

Is this peripheral an attempt at aggressively competing with the upcoming PSVita, which Poncho suggested earlier? If so, how could Nintendo, or anyone, have forgotten how the DS/DSLite/DSi/DSiXL drastically surpassed the one-analog-stick PSP in terms of sales? Did paradigms for upcoming 3DS games really change so drastically as to release what appears to be an embarrassing bandage? Maybe it's due in part to Nintendo's willingness to play nicer with 3rd parties.

After this rant, I'll wait patiently until this news comes to fruition before any ultimate conclusion. Never really used a second analog stick though, except in Luigi's Mansion, Metroid Prime and MP2 Echoes. And I guess not many people complained when Sony introduced its 'Dual Shock' for the PSX as an afterthought (unabashedly one-upping the N64's single analog). Still, buying a new controlling as apposed to buying an obtrusive peripheral that only adds a second circle pad is drastically different. However, there are 3 games I can't miss mentioned as using the "Circle Pad Pro", while hopefully optional, might convert me.

But still so many '????'



PoTher commented on Talking Point: What If Nintendo Became a Third...:

This reminds me of the time when the original DS launched. I was worried about getting to the store in time, especially being near noon. But when I arrived, the store had 10 DS's in-stock, and mine was likely the only one sold there that day (granted the store is (or was) known more for CDs and printed media rather than anything else). But that evening I was at a major electronics retailer, and they had a blatant display full of DS's. Weeks later and another store I was asking a clerk about DS peripherals (seemed only extra AC adapters were available), when he looked at me, astonishment that I'd managed to snag a DS. The climate may have changed since, yet I wonder just how much.

Neither the N64 nor the GameCube were hugely successful, at least compared to the competition, but they survived (in some circles thrived) and still managed to keep Nintendo in the industry. As was mentioned prior, Nintendo's only major failure was the Virtual Boy. Could happen again, but... I find it amazing how any dedicated console (though ever increasing in multipurpose functionality) has survived this long against the PC. And hearing about dedicated handhelds folding to the smart phone market doesn't quite worry me so much. I do think Nintendo would benefit from selling fun, interactive "ads" on those services though. If they do, hopefully it wouldn't turn out like 'Mario is Missing', which officially appeared on the PC (as well as NES and SNES), and the Zelda abominations that appeared on the CDi.

But here we are, supporting dedicated consoles and handhelds, which, in large part, is all because of the software and experiences available nowhere else. Nintendo has been making games in various forms since the 1890s, and whether continuing to make hardware or not, they, their creativity and quality will likely live-on in whatever market. In any case, I believe the 3DS will bounce back, if any of this negative hype has any weight to begin with. History and the luck of Heaven are on Nintendo's side.