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Well at least it will be in the first part of the year. I havent gotten TRON outta my system.

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An image from the "official website"

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Looks awesome. Hopefully we will get more fps on Wiiware.

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ya i saw this. Anyone know the reales date or price yet? because i can't wait to buy this game!

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Again, nothing announced yet other than getting listed for an "Early 2011" release.



I've got 1000 points left on my Wii's account. Let's hope it costs that much and is released soon


Wait these are the same people who made flashlight/discolight on dsiware.
Edit: never mind wrong dev, looks neat though.

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Eh, I prefer System Protocols personally. winkwink-nudgenudge the game is awesome go buy it

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when is this supposed to be released?

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I hope this game comes out soon.

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The game developers said that Protocol is still alive!! After the October 6th release of Horizon Riders, then the devs will continue protocol

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Is there any information on this game? Like a link or something?

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I just might pass on MotoHeroz and Horizon Riders and save my Wii points for this instead. (<:

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