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My most wanted WiiWare Game is Uno.



My most wanted is currently Water Warfare but that's in part because I'm not sure what else is nearing release. Icarian has been announced and I'll most likely get it.

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Can't wait for Water Warfare. Can't be too long now, either, since it's summer and it's such a summery game. Plus, it looks a lot better than Conduit.

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^It looks BETTER than the Conduit???
What the hell are you on? lol

Anyway, my most looked forward to game (and only at the moment really) is also Water Warfare. It looks like a GREAT game to play both online and off.



I havent really been following whats comeing but i woud like to try FF:CC my life as a dark lord.

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weirdadam wrote:

Can't wait for Water Warfare. Can't be too long now, either, since it's summer and it's such a summery game. Plus, it looks a lot better than Conduit.

Wow Adam you either really hate HVS or your joking... right?

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I'm looking forward to Contra Rebirth. You all should look up the Youtube video for it.



In a way I agree with Adam. So far I haven't been impressed much by HVS's showing. Glitzy but mediocre games aren't my thing, and, while The Conduit could turn out better than some of their other efforts, it still doesn't look all that spectacular. If I want some FPS action I rather boot up the now five-year-old UT 2004 on my Mac.

Anyway, to get back on topic:
Cave Story
Tales of Monkey Island
Military Madness

In that order.

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Am I the only one who waits for Luc bernard's games(Eternity's Child, Mecho Wars, Rose Princess)?

Also, Cave Story, my laptop always shuts of because of heat when i play it.




I'd love to see some of Luc's games appear on WiiWare, but so far it's not happening. As soon as Target gets in some more iPod Touch systems, I'm going to grab one and Mecho Wars.

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Explodemon & Furry Legends & i wish they would allow "I Wanna Be The Guy"

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no order:
contra rebirth
night game
military madness
bit trip core
super meat boy

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My most wanted WiiWare game is Cave Story. It feels like forever since I've been waiting for this game to come out!



No, I wasn't joking. Water Warfare has a unique graphical approach. HVS has a decent-looking, entirely generic alien theme. WW has online and local play. HVS doesn't. WW is on top of this, much cheaper. All The Conduit has going for it to make it seem special is that it is a FPS with Wii controls, but from what I've read in impressions, WW nails the controls, too.

Conduit is more limited and generic. I'd rather the cheaper game that offers the same multi-player offerings plus local play and a more interesting theme that hasn't been done to death. It'll be something I can play online, or with friends, or even with young'uns in the family. Conduit I can only play with strangers. To me, I might as well play with AI and it'd be the same.

Perhaps what I said was misleading. If you thought "looks better" meant "looks better graphically," well, no, obviously not, though I do much prefer WW's theme and colors, and Conduit's graphics don't look special to me. Corruption and Galaxy looked better and more unique. I meant that it "looks (like it will be) better."

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1. Gravitronix
2. Water Warfare
3. Explodemon
4. Overturn
5. Liight



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