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Swords & Soldiers, I've played worse, but still after beating the Viking campaign I just don't feel like playing any further.



armoredghor wrote:

They fixed up the air and turbulence system in the second one. It still has the wall bouncing system which sucks but its still pretty fun.

Yep, notable improvements in the second one. I'm really good at both either way. I have little qualms with the first one simply because I mastered the game so I got used to everything.



Reala wrote:

Swords & Soldiers, I've played worse, but still after beating the Viking campaign I just don't feel like playing any further.

The game gets quite a bit better (IMO) as you go along, but I can understand your feeling. The Viking campaign mostly left me flat too.


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Rockstar Table Tennis, learning curve is just too high too be of interest to a social gamer. Could be good, if there would be a Wii Motionplus patch for this game! But seems Nintendo is living a couple of centruries ago, compared to other game platforms who DO have updates and all for their game.

Currently better off with Grand Slam Tennis, and Wii Motionplus controls. It's just more intuïtive,

And Nintendo could have prevented 'regret buys' , by adding downloadable demo's to the system. It's a real shame that they don't do this. People will be more dissapointed in the games, when they had to pay for it, and the image/reputation of the Wii games decline as well as the appeal for the Wii itself.



KaiserGX wrote:

Or you could look at a couple reviews before you buy something.

But what if the review says it's good but you still regret buying it

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TWEWY, DKC2 (vc), Water Warfare, Lostwinds 2, and My Pokemon Ranch.
@gmis that's EXACTLY how i feel.

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Reala wrote:

Swords & Soldiers, I've played worse, but still after beating the Viking campaign I just don't feel like playing any further.

Yeah, I agree. That game gets such great props by people, but other than the brilliant animation and presentation, there's not enough to this game to keep going with it. It's as simple as RTSes come.


Onslaught, which works fine for a few stages then gets into the bad kind of frustratingly hard/aggravating combo mix of play and I just walked away. My Life as a Dark Lord also sucks, sure it's fine, but eventually it gets just evil and limiting in what you can do vs what comes at you and sucks the fun clear out of it, and I do like some of those tower defense games. Outside of that, don't really regret the rest but I will admit since Dot.Trip I have not bought one thing because I learned of the crap policies of Nintendo and signing games to one system so if it's stolen or broken, you lose all your stuff and have to re-buy while PSN (hell anyone) allows a new download. : I do have a few DSiware games, had 3 points in the last year that I got 500pt cards.

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  • Mega Man 9
  • Onslaught
  • Star Soldier R

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Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Chaos Conflicts. The controls for this game are so inaccurate and unreliable that it makes the game simply unplayable. I spent an hour of frustration just trying to beat the sixth stage. I just gave up and deleted it from my Wii. Don't make the same mistake I did, stay far away from this game.


    What seemed like a decent game started to freeze halfway through and won't save my progress anymore. Unbeatable mess.
    Presentation is sucking at the score, and controls just kill the fun.

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Sin and Punishment 2. It's just not my type of game I'll sell it while the game is considered a "new release"


Lost Winds 2's ending wasn't very good. But the game itself was pretty good.

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Nice! I love this thread.

Bomberman Blast: I suck at this game, simple as that.
Art Style Orbient: Cool game, I dig it and respect it, but a bit boring in the long run.
Onslaught: 9/10??? Pleeease. Generic and monotonous.
Space Invaders Get Even: I actually like this game, but it's just crippled without the DLC and I can't bring myself to download another set.
Bit.Trip Core: We all know the Bit.Trip series is punishing, but I found this installment to be waaayy too hard (that's what she said).

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Of all the games I bought, I regret:
Lit(800 points) -I've had it for months and I still haven't finished it. It's a cool game but playing it feels like a chore to me now.

Niki Rock N' Ball(500 points) -Heard it was fun like Bubble Bobble. It's not.

Space Invaders Get Even(500 points) -A hard game. Not much content. Extra levels are gonna cost you(1500 wii points)!

Grill Off(80 Nintendo Club Coins) - I've played this game for all of 5 minutes. I love the controls but one mistake and it's game over. Lame.

As for VC:
Super Mario Bros. the Lost Levels (600 points) -Not a 2 player game like the original. Better buy New Super Mario Wii instead. my pants.


Mario Party 8. The Mario Party series was getting waaaaaaay too old when this game came out (even though I enjoyed Mario Party DS). It didn't even use motion controls most of the time! Stick with the N64 Mario Parties instead.

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Why is this turning into a topic on retail releases. This is the WiiWare board, remember.



I regret getting toribash only because it's so awesome, I can't quit playing it, and when I can finally pry myself off of it, I can barely think of anything else. I guess this isn't the point of this forum, but I have to talk to toribash is hiyabushi and my friend code is 378-238-465-653. If you haven't tried it, give it a shot-hope to see you in the dojo

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Several for me as well.

Family Pirate Party - Played it once, and I could barely finish the game because it was so boring.

Fun! Fun! Minigolf! - Awful course design and strange out of bounds system make for a bad game. The high price didn't remedy it either.

Ghost Mansion Party - Boring Mario Party clone that just sits there, the minigames were boring and the game felt too reliant on the minigames, the luck factor was something that was missing in this game.

Stunt Cars - Funky controls didn't work well, I always went veering off the track. Bad course design was another factor.

Mega Man - Too hard, can't even beat one level.

Pokemon Snap - Really boring, I don't like taking pictures. I bought it off of impulse because it was Pokemon.

Baseball - Too simple, it feels too reliant on luck. I'm a baseball fan, but even I thought this game was bad.

I've wasted 5,200 Wii Points.

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