Topic: System Update 4.2 kills Wii consoles!

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Hey, you think homebrewers are affected by the 4.2 update?
Read above and pray that your system won't be next but...... NOA did say that if it did happen to your console, they will replace it!

Discuss below!

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I have the HBC and im not risking my wii.

I only have the hbc because my accf town had no grass and ninty dident fix the problem.
aparenty, hakers do a beter job than nintendo

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I believe if there is a problem during any of the updates, and the update doesn't get completed, then there is a risk of your Wii not working. I updated Tuesday night, and didn't have any problems, I don't think this is as widespread as it is being portrayed.

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Oh, good for them...nice move, Ninty...

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my cousens console got briked ninty lost another costumer, Microsoft got a new one

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I read about this literally 5 minutes after I updated my console, luckily nothing happened. I don't think it's very common.

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The thread title betrays a bit of sensationalism, IMO. I haven't seen the mob taking to the streets with pitchforks... yet.

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mine updated just fine, and the HBC install (which i updated as recommended) survived just fine. it's like roulette... you pays your money and you takes your chances. good luck to anyone else who decides to update, and know that if you indeed have never modded your Wii, Nintendo will repair it for free. They've said that much.

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I'm thinking about uninstalling the HBC then getting the update. does it brick your console even after you uninstall the HBC?

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anfeli wrote:

my cousens console got bricked ninty lost another costumer, Microsoft got a new one

But IF you get an Xbox, then wouldn't it eventually brick on you too?? That logic doesn't make scene to me.

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I updated my wii the day the update came and i have no problem it fixed the bug in The conduit Multiplayer and reads the disks faster i think am lucky



anfeli wrote:

my cousens console got briked ninty lost another costumer, Microsoft got a new one

They won't have that customer for long. My xbox has gotten RROD 5 times. Good luck with yours.



anfeli wrote:

my cousens console got briked ninty lost another costumer, Microsoft got a new one

That was intelligent. /sarcasm.

I haven't updated, and now I won't.

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