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Three of the best games I have played and still play a lot are Little King's Story, Xenoblade Chronicles and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King. I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to "X"!!

What Wii games are you all still playing on a regular basis?

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Sin & Punishment (The Wii one not the N64 VC one).

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Umm... I still have to beat Project Rainfall games and Kirby. But games that I'm returning to from Wii are... Ninja Gaiden and Super Castlevania 4... Oh, and Red Steel 2.

Tried playing Galaxies again, but couldn't do it. I've got bored and frustrated fast and gone back to 3D World and Tropical Freeze.



@bezerker99: I have been thinking of revisiting that one as well lately. For me it will have to wait since my Wii is packed up for my move, but once I am moved I am thinking of hooking up my Wii to go back and revisit some games.

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Dokapon Kingdom, i have yet to play it with someone who hasnt loved it.

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Still playing Xenosaga Episode 1. I'm pouring on my whole time into finishing this game since I bought it last year.



Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

Hands down the best fighting game out there. Button mashing won't get you far. Ultimate Tenkaichi was a complete butchery.

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For me it is Punch Out Wii and Excitebots. Sometimes I play Tatsunoko as well.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


Fragile Dreams: Farewell, ruins of the moon. Seriously, buy that game guys.

There's still a bunch of Wii games i'd like to get, especially the Rainfall ones. Might get Pandora's Tower this week.

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Playing Fortune Street recently, a really fun board game dressed up as a video game. (One of the few games I can get my mum to play, too.)

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these days I play:
Tournamnet of legends (great game),
castlevenia Judgement,
Dead rising chop till u drop,

also there are the games that i always play such as:

call of duty mw3
mortal kombat armageddon



sinalefa wrote:

For me it is Punch Out Wii and Excitebots. Sometimes I play Tatsunoko as well.

i like tatsunoko just because of street fighter characters.. unfortunately there are only 3 of them.. i dont like the other characters (except couple of'em)

i dont understand why they never made a street fighter or virtua fighter game for wii

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Hey if anyone still plays ssbb for wii add me my friend code is 2280-9608-7508 ill play anyone



ShadowFox254 wrote:

Still playing Xenosaga Episode 1. I'm pouring on my whole time into finishing this game since I bought it last year.

ssbb fc:2280 9608 7508 add me



Pandora's Tower. I got past the first metal tower a little bit ago. I play Mr. Driller (from WiiWare) and Military Madness a lot lately. Also, Sin and Punishment goes in phases - sometimes daily, other times not.



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