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1. Nintendo 2DS (own)
2. Nintendo 3DS (own)
3. PS Vita
4. PS4
5. Xbox One
6. Wii U (own)

Of the systems I own, I personally purchased both the Wii U and the 2DS. My rating of the Wii U is not about how it stacks up to the non-Nintendo systems but of how disappointed I am with how it has been handled by Nintendo.

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Wii U

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Mr_Trill281 wrote:

mine is i just have #1...


wii u is just trash...

Do you have a Wii U? I have a PS3 and I think it's a blu-ray/Netflix player, but not trash. Do you actually have a reason why you dislike Wii U? Real question.


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1. 3DS
2. Vita
3. Wii U
4. PS4
5. Stepping in dog poop
6. XBone


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1. 3DS
2. PS4(i might get one..maybe if i have money)
3. Wii U
....nothing else

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1. Wii U
2. 3DS

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1.Wii U
2. PS4
3. 3DS
4. PS Vita
5. Xbox One


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1- Wii U
2- 3DS Xl
3- PS4 ill get it when the price drop

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Occulus Rift with its treadmill like addon. (If the full thing is £2000 I think it will be worth it)
Steambox. (Steam with the library sharing for testing. Seems like they are more like Amazon than anyone else trying to give people what they want.)
Wii U (Get it when there is enough for me to have something I want that is exclusive in all genres I like).
ipad (Controller Support now in iOS 7. Seems they have a better selection of classic stuff than anybody. Its getting much better every year in terms of hardware).
Xbone (Don't dislike Microsoft - The original proposals would have suited me very well (My brothers would more likely get stuff before me most of the time leaving me to just get the obscure stuff). As long as it meant the proper definition of family not behind the same ip address as we don't live together any more - Like the look of the Spiritual Successor to Panzer Dragoon.)
PS4 (Nothing Will make me buy it under any circumstances.)
Vita (Nothing will make me buy it under any circumstances.)

Dunno where I would put 3DS. I think I got my 3DS XL a year early. (Only just got to the point where I have a decent selection of different stuff I really like).

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1. Wii U
2. 3DS
Nothing else matters to me.



1. PC
2. Wii U
3. 3DS

The others haven't been released yet.



Two of those systems aren't even out yet. How can we objectively rank them without experience with the system?

I mean, I'm more excited for the Xbox One than the PS4 (XBOX Fitness is incredibly exciting to me), but it feels wrong to rank them until I've had experience with them.

In terms of what's out:
1. 3DS
2. Wii U
3. Vita (don't own yet, since I'm waiting for a Black Friday sale, but I could see this switching with #2 when I get it)

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