Topic: Will you get the Deluxe, Basic, or ZombieU(EU only) Wii U bundle?

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Well, I finally decided to pre-order a ZombiU Premium pack! I'm gonna be so broke what with game prices being so high these days.
(Also, EU prices are still preposterously high)


Wii U 'Deluxe Digital Promotion' detailed

All games and DLC purchased from the Wii U eShop will return 10 percent of their value in points – 599 points for a $59.99 game, for example. Every 500 points accrued will be redeemable for a code for $5 in credit, usable on either the Wii U or 3DS eShop.

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That Digital Promotion is the main reason for me to buy a ZombiU Bundle. That black one is gonna be a fingerprint fiesta..

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I wonder why the deluxe comes with physical Nintendo land? You'd think it would be a digital download

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Standard. It's not worth shelling out $50 extra bucks tp I can get a bunch of crap added to an otherwise decent purchase.

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Deluxe, of course. Too good of a deal to pass up.

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Apparently I'm NOT getting the ZombiU pack, since Finland is not getting it for now. What a load of bullfrogs and slime water, and other non-offensive vulgarities. Rarrgh...


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