Topic: Will you get the Deluxe, Basic, or ZombieU(EU only) Wii U bundle?

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DELUXE! Of course, if I'm lucky enough. I won't be able to get it myself anytime soon, hence, Christmas.


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ZombiU bundle!


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DX, I was thinking that the normal would be $300 and the DX one was $400 glad I was wrong about the DX version

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Deluxe. Probably not at launch tho.


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good luck with finding one by the end of the year then



I want the Deluxe, but I need to earn so much more money now. I'll have to sell a bunch of things.

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The deluxe for Moe.

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I'm going Premium for sure.

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Deluxe, definitely!

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deluxe becuase nintendo land is bundled itsblack etc

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deluxe but it might be awhile before i get it. we're having money problems and can't afford 400 on a console, which is what it comes to by the time you add the taxes. although i could always just take the money that i get from my mom and get my dad to get me a ebgames gift card and put it all down on it and then just pay the taxes on launch day. ugh but then i get no games for my 3DS for my birthday. Damn Nintendo.

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