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So far, I have heard that the Wii U will not be able to use multiple Wii U controllers for multiplayer.

This sounds bad, but I heard an idea that was incredible.

What if Nintendo used GCN or Classic Controller style controllers for multiplayer? You get a wireless version of either and use those for multiplayer (if multiple controller use isn't there) and the Wii U controller is used for when you are playing alone.

I hope it can be done and that Wii U owners won't be limited to either single player all the time or only online multiplayer.

What are your thoughts on this possible conundrum?

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What, like a peripheral that's a dumbed down Wii U controller?

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Well the current Classic Controllers will be compatible with the Wii U so there's an easy solution.
We still don't know for sure whether or not the Wii U will support multiple controllers though.


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All i really play is online so i don't really care.

only local games i play are stuff like rockband and Mario galaxly assist stuff.


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I will laugh if this is Nintendo's way of saying "oh you want online multiplayer all the time? Well fine! Have it! But no more split-screen. Ever."

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Splintercell would be nice,

The one with the Wii-U controller being the 3rd-person splintercell and the others being the guards (2) with the wii-remote controllers in 1st person.


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I personally think the Wii U should come with the tablet controller. Since Nintendo figures that nobody wants to have four of them, they could create a button-based controller similar to the Classic Controller Pro and Gamecube controller.

That way multiplayer would be more accessible, because the tablet will probably retail at $79.99 USD. The button-based controller would be $40-50.

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I thought they were just going to use WiiMotes? And of course the Classic Controller will be compatible.

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Nintendo have officially confirmed that all Wii accessories (nunchucks, classic controllers, etc.) are compatible with the Wii U. One of the developers also said that they are working on support for two Wii U controllers, but I don't think this was ever officially confirmed. For more than 2 players, they might just use 4 Wii Remotes, or use 2 Wii U controllers and two Wii Remotes, or even do something like Mario Party 7 where two players shared a controller; this would be best for turn-based games.
I'm pretty sure that we will at least get support for 2 Wii U controllers at a time, though.

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Don't really care about local MP so much as they have to nail online MP. 1 controller and wii remotes would be fine for what local MP amounts to.



It needs to support multiple tablets (and multiple 3DS's) for a new Four Swords Adventures!

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Get 2 tablets working, plus 2-4 Wii remotes, and then a killer online (well, that parts going well).


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I've never really played local multiplayer for most any console, but it is really nice to have sometimes when friends come over and we want to play SSB, Mario Kart, and stuff like that. I trust they'll just make it so you can have up to any 4 controllers hooked up at the same time and it works just fine.
As far as online goes, I really don't want to see match making get involved in any game. A standard server browser as the base of most all the online games would be perfect.




Actually I heard Nintendo is working the Wii U to be able to use more than one. Although I have noticed that the demos for the Wii U at E3, etc have revolved on one person using the Wii U controller and the others a Wii U controller. So maybe we don’t have to worry about buying another Wii U controller?

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