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I hope that the Wii U Virtual Console provides tons of nes, snes, 64 and hopefully gamecube games. which ones would you like to see in particular?
I would like to see Pikmin from GC up there. I bet it would sell well. I know I would buy it. luigis mansion and mario sunshine would be great GC games to add.


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Fire Emblem Path of Radience is my top most wanted. Really want to play, and not have to spend $100+ in order to do so.

Biggest Pikmin fan on NL!

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Isn't there a thread just like this?

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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i would like to see yoshis island since the new one is coming out and all

and +1 on sunshine

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i stopped playing mario kart now and moved on to luigis mansion :P

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usually im just on miiverse(drawing) :P


Star Fox Snes!
Star Fox Snes!
Star Fox Snes!
Star Fox Snes!
Star Fox Snes!
Star Fox Snes!

Make it happen Nintendo

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I would like to see Donky Kong 64. that would be cool. haven't played that in years.

Anyone remember where's mario? for SNES? I wouldn't mind playing through it again.


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Mario Kart 64
Perfect Dark
Zelda: Ocarina of time!


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Pretty much every game from the Wii VC brought over to the Wii U's, althought I personally won't be buying any of them again since it really isn't much of a hassle to go into Wii mode and play them, but games I would like to see that never made it onto the Wii VC are as follows~

SNES: Earthbound confirmed but still placing it here since its not out yet
Star Fox

Perfect Dark
Ridge Racer 64
Destruction Derby 64
Resident Evil 2
Donkey Kong 64
Mario Parties 1, and 3

GCN: ((listing the games i didn't own on the GCN btw~))
Eternal Darkness
Resident Evil REmake
F-Zero GX
Metroid Prime's 1 and 2

and thats most of the games i can think of atm~ =3

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All Wii Virtual Console + the following

Desert Strike
NHLPA Hockey
Road Rash 2

Diddy Kong Racing
Golden Eye
Perfect Dark
Pilot Wings 64
Rogue Squadran

F Zero GX
Luigi's Mansion
Metroid Prime
Resident Evil 4
Rogue Squadran 2
Super Mario Sunshine
Zelda: Twilight Princess

Chase HQ
Rainbow Islands
Sega Rally
Starwars (Atari)
Virtua Fighter 1 & 2
Virtua Racing

Chu Chu Rocket
Ferrari F355
Metropolis Street Racer
Shenmue 1 & 2
Skies of Arcadia
Soul Calibur

Burning Rangers
Panzer Dragoon 1 & Zwei
Radiant Silvergun
X-Men Children of the Atom

Amiga: (I wish)
Cannon Fodder
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
Sensible Soccer
Speedball 2
Super Cars 1 & 2
Xenon 2

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I want possibly the most underated superhero game ever!
Spiderman that was on N64
Such a great game!!!

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i totally forgot about metroid prime 1 and 2. those would be awesome VC games. spiderman 2 for GC. i played that game religiously when i was young.
mario kart double dash from GC would be nice as well.


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