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@dizzy_boy can't find him

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justlink wrote:

@dizzy_boy can't find him

Dammit I can't find the post to check the name. That's the annoying thing with the youtube community thread, comments get buried to quick.

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Just been trawling the youtube miiverse community, quite a few people are saying thata verified user by the name of Amy has been banned. I'm unsure which amy it is as I'm unsure of her NNID.
Anyway, If this is true, I wonder what she was banned for. Possibly giving away game news before she was supposed too.

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Anybody know if there's a solution to my problem with Wii U's Miiverse:

I can't load it, the Miiverse stops loading after initial contact. I can access Miiverse, and the starup screen and music start playing. Then it just buffers all the images endlessly. After a few minutes, some images might load, but I still can't click any links. The web browser version and 3DS version work fine.

Dunno how I feel.

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So... Up until now, most Miiverse updates have been nice additions/changes, but today they made an update that's, well, stupid, to put it simply. Basically in your activity feed, now you will only see the very last thing each person you follow posted. So if, say, you follow someone who happened to post twice in quick succession, only the last post will show up in your feed. So now, unless you go to the page of every user you follow, seperately, every time you check Miiverse, (Which is a slow and clunky way to view posts, especially if you follow a lot of people) it's very likely you'll miss posts of the people you follow, especially if you don't check your activity feed very often. Like, who thought that this was a good idea?!?!

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G'day all, my NNID is Rex.Monsoon. Not many I know have a Wii U so I'd love to have more friends and followers on my list to share things with and play against


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My web version of Miiverse now has ads. I really don't like it. And the format is changed. Menu at the top of the screen. Bizarre.

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The ads, at least on the browser version, I'd rather see gone. I mean, I got an ad to "download a speed tester". I know that's something I don't want to click. But I don't think this kind of ads fit in my mental image of Nintendo as a "child-safe" service provider.

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I don't know why exactly although it could be linked to my internet having problems recently, but when I went to Miiverse right now it took forever to actually load and once it did it looked like this for some reason. (I was using my Japanese Wii U)



I was just looking at a random person's profile and testing some other things out. For some reason I was unable to look at some posts when I tried to tap on them.
I tried again later, but while it still took awhile, it was fixed and on my NA Wii U, it would load quickly and have no problems either.

Has anyone else encountered this before?

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Sounds like your internet going in and out. Miiverse is a web-based application and this view often happens when you're trying to load a webpage with a sliver of internet connectivity.
Don't know what the term is actually called.

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So, Miiverse is mostly usable, now; thanks to the update. I was really reluctant to do anything with it, before the update, but not the separate areas make it alot easier to use. Too bad there's still no recording and other features, though because I could store alot of stuff on the HDD for apps that have user created memory...


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I've been banned for making references to alcohol. What bugs me is that there are no rules in the code of conduct that says this is a violation.
I've emailed customer support about this and seem to be getting nowhere. What a freaking joke.

Lol, the response.
Thank you for contacting us regarding Miiverse.

The Terms and Conditions does not need to state actual specific references you have mentioned, only that as confirmed previously if the moderators feel that your references will have a negative impact on the Miiverse community, then these posts will be removed.

We promote a family friendly service which Nintendo expects users of Miiverse to respect, and references to Alchohol and Drug use is strictly not allowed to be posted.

We kindly ask that all our customers using Miiverse should consider the community, as certain posts can and will upset other users. Our consoles also notify any user before posting not to use any inappropriate content as well.

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I don't use it much myself but I think that Miiverse is fantastic.

I get that adults like to talk to each other (I'm in my 30's myself!) but there's no shortage of outlets for that in real life or on the internet. Miiverse is focused and appropriate for everyone.

When people come out with statements like "Nintendo doesn't understand online" I think what they actually mean is that they don't like what Nintendo has understood about online or what they see in the mirror it holds up. Miiverse is a heavily moderated online community and that's not a bad thing. It's something that's rare on the internet because of the cost of moderating but it makes it a safe place.

It's also a relief for those of us who are much older who don't want to deal with even the potential that an innocent topic might very quickly descend into filth/misogyny/abuse of minorities.

If I were Nintendo I'd promote Miiverse more widely as a benefit to parents. It's a major service that none of their competitors matches. Plus I think the integration in Nintendo's own games has generally been very impressive and gives a feeling of being part of a community working through the games. In many ways it's probably Nintendo's most under-rated achievement of the past 10 years.


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Got my 6th two week ban for saying "I would keep children away from Luigi because he might do something," on NSLU community.


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