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1. I don't think we're comparing the PS2 EyeToy, but the PS3 Move which came bundled with Sports Champions. Just like there was Wii Sports and Kinect Sports.

2. Agreed

3. Only if developers use it. The demo at E3 was great, but none of that is coming any time soon. Also, none of it really showed gameplay. I don't think SmartGlass will really be more than vaporware until the next console comes out. The current Xbox app for the iPad as it is right now is pretty sluggish on response time. Although kudos to MS for allowing us to bring our own device.

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Well I was talking about adoptin. Developers only write software if the userbase is their. Smartglass is going to come installed on every Windows 8 and Windows Phone device. That's going to be a lot of hardware pushed in the fall so the install base will be their.

all Microsoft studios games will have smrtglass intergration with a few this fall.
All xbox apps will have smartglass features
Watchdogs will use smartglass
EA sports games next year will use it as well.


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