Topic: Name the next Metroid, Star Fox, Wave Race, Custom Robo, F-Zero (Wii U) games!

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I think the 'Wii U' in the title wasn't necessary...
Anyways, feel free to replace the games on the title with any (Nintendo) IP you would like to see released on the Wii U. Just give it a name.

Metroid: Metroid Federation (aka Metroid 5. I'm forcing myself to not pick 'Metroid Dread'...)
Star Fox: Star Fox United
F-Zero: F-Zero UX (...)
X: Xenoblade Legacy
StarTropics: --

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Wave Race, F-Zero, Pokemon Snap (a much more substantial game than the original), Pokemon Stadium (this more than any of the others. Not a Colosseum game, although that would be cool, but a true successor to Pokemon Stadium 2).

All those games that you listed seem great.

I would also like to see another Banjo-Kazooie game, although I doubt this will happen because Microsoft owns RARE now sadly.

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Custom Robo 2
Star Fox: Invasion
F-Zero XX
Metroid Prime 4 or Metroid: the Hunt

I would love it if any of these games were made.

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Metroid U
Star Fox U
F-Zero U
Xenoblade U (alt title: X U)
Startropics 3

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Metroid: Upsilon
Star Fox Century
F-Zero XX #Reload Isuka Accent Core++RU

I really only posted to make a Guilty Gear reference

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always thought I'd change to Gyarados after I turned 20 but hey, this is more fitting I guess. (also somebody registered under the original Magikarp name and I can't get back to it anymore orz)

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Punch Out!!: Out of retirement
Ice Climber Arctic Peak
Pokemon Red and Blue Rebirth
F-Zero: Rapid Speed

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Super Smash Bros. Collision
Fire Emblem: Retribution
Super Mario Dimensions
Kirby: Missing in Time


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Metroid: Destiny Foretold.
Kirby: Elemental Jumble.
Star Fox: Virtual Universe.

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Metroid: Run and Shoot

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Star Fox: New Legacy


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Metroid Prime: Hunters 2 (WITH ONLINE LIKE THE DS VERSION)

But we'll probably end up seeing
Star Fox U
F-Zero U
Metroid Prime U
Custom Robo...U
Kirby U

MrSRArter wrote:

Nintendo is rich while Detroit is bankrupt. They could use Detroit make a real Nintendo Land theme park.

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Nintendo Land 2.

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Metroid Discovery
Fzero Reality
Star Fox Universe
Wave Race Wet



Metroid Other M 2
Star Fox When Duty Calls
Wave Race Dead Sea Adventures
F Zero Never gonna happen

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Mario Kart 8
Super Smash Bros. Family Feud
Metroid: OTHER Other M
Pokemon Snap 2: Electric Boogaloo
Mega Man Legends 3...D
Pokemon Velvet and Pokemon Burgundy
F-Zero Percent Chance
Fire Emblem: Evening of Unsatisfaction
Star Fox's Epic Felt
Ice Climbers: Revengance
Mother -1
Yoshi's Archipelago
Donkey Kong Country Departs
Kirby Air Ride 2: We accept checks by mail

I for one find that last one completely acceptable, and would not be bothered in the slightest if that was its title.

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Ice Climbers: Revengance

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Mario Kart: U-Turn
Wave Race Resort
Ice Climbers Aurora
Donkey Kong Country: Rool's Revenge
Metroid Outbreak
Kirby's Nightmare
WarioWare: Popping Out! (3DS Title)
Paper Mario: The Unfold Story
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