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Topic: Hardcore gamer friend super impressed by Wii U

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My friend came over to try out the Wii U the other day and before that I told him that Nintendo was selling it at a loss and he said it doesn't cost more than $300 dollars to make that, then he came over and we played some nintendo land and thought it was cool how he couldn't see where I was like on Mario chase, and said that the gamepad had much more things (like gyroscope, camera, and all that) then he was expecting and how that makes sense it cost a lot to make, then I started zombi U and he was convinced he said it was the most scary, realistic zombie game he's seen and was like its 100% a Wii U exclusive right? And he said that if Wii U keeps getting games like this they'll be able too compete with the new Xbox and play station systems easily and he only watched me play zombi U for 10 minutes


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And he told everyone in our group we hang out with and they're all convinced too now


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Cool story bro.

You do know that hardcore gamers can be Wii gamers too? Hardcore is a relative term it just doesnt mean people who play Xbox and PS.

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What is... going on?

How can ZombiU be the scariest game ever if you only showed him it for ten minutes? How... forget it.

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I bet he plays tons of Madden and Gears of War while eating Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew.

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Correction, Ju-on: The Grudge For the Wii is the scariest game ever created. It also boasts some of the scariest controls to ever grace a videogame. :p No joke, i called it quits after the 2nd stage. Not only because of the terrible controls which made redoing stages an absolutel mind melting chore, but also because i was getting freaked out which NEVER happens to me in a videogame.lol

Oh and uh, What Tasuki said. :p

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@TheGreatWaveBowski You obviously need to get yourself a copy of 'Escape From Bug Island'... STAT! ;)

I'm gonna hold onto mine with the faint glimmer of hope that it could very well be a hot item on ebay in the future :P

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Thank you for sharing! If you or your friend has any other thoughts about the Wii U now that you've given it a shot, please feel free to post your impressions to this thread here. :3

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