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let's be creative now people, we have already seen examples today at E3 such as inventory, sniper scope, scanners and radars so what other unique uses could this new controller have?

here's a template you can use to illustrate:

Just cut out the pics and replace them to show off your idea. You can also just cut out the controller and drag it up over the screen to illustrate cameras, scanners etc.

here's mine...

Tank game:
*Full 360 degree panoramic view of inside the cockpit of your tank.
*Touch screen control panel interface allows you to press the actual shiny (and sometimes big and red) buttons instead of buttons on your gamepad.

(This could be huge for flight sims game too.)

Pokemon game:
*Gamepad acts as your inventory.
*Selecting most items for you inventory opens a "mini-game" for you to use the item.
*Item uses include: sliding pokeballs along the screen towards the tv to catch/release pokemon and having a pokedex that you can use to identify on-screen pokemon.


my example of a where's wally game:

you'd have to find him amongst a crowd and take photo's of him It could have high scores where accuracy (how close to the center of the image he is) and how fast you found him increase your score. heck you could play with 2 players each using a different Wii U gamepad you could have player constantly moving around in the crowd sort of like an active hide and seek game.

Metal gear solid Wii U:
have your communication device in your hands while playing the game.

*Rumble function while volume is on mute.
*Call in-game characters.
*Call monitoring, don't like a certain character? then don't answer.
*Text messaging for the socially awkward.
*3 built-in mini-games: Snake, Snake-man and Snake invaders.

Super smash bros. Universe:

X-ray device!:

Wii U card/trading card games:

Watch Dogs on Wii U vs other consoles:

Butterfly effect concept:

Starcraft Wii U:

Submarine Wii U game:



Wow. Some of these are actually pretty good.

Hoping for the Watch Dogs one.

...I'm hoping for Watch Dogs in general...

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thanks I made them all except the pokedex one. There's already quite a few floating around the internet too that I have downloaded to my Wii U mock-ups/concepts folder I might share later if this gets enough interest.

Also don't forget to scroll across because the 3rd image for super smash bros. universe is the best idea for it

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Lookg good though ubisoft already confrimed watch dogs will use smartglass on xbox.


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Sony_70 wrote:

Lookg good though ubisoft already confrimed watch dogs will use smartglass on xbox.

I would rather use the WiiU pad over a tablet and Xbox Controller- all in one, thanks.



Awesome potential.



Starfox Wii U- hold GamePad over the screen to play with optional gyroscope in first-person. Bottom screen can be used to aim special items such as Bombs. Sap screen to Recieve messages, like Star Fox 64 3D.

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Wii U Simulator! Use The Wii U Gamepad to simulate the thrilling expierence of Wii U! Yes, you really are playing a Wii U on your Wii U! And, ooohhh, there's a game pre-installed onto this Wii U. I wonder what it is? OH MY GOSH!!! JUST WHAT I WANTED!!! THE PRE-INSTALLED GAME ON WII U SIMULATOR IS WII U SIMULATOR!!!! The fun and logic looping never ends!!

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I came into this thread thinking "Epic?!? Making Wii games?!? Finally I can play Infinity Blade with buttons, because buttons will totally make the game, like, more funner."

But no. I was disappointed. The OP should commit seppuku over this slight.

(please don't, I have enough trouble sleeping as it is to have that keeping me awake at night)


LollipopChoSaw wrote:

. And why there isn't a Magic The Gathering AR game yet vexes me deeply.

Totally agree.

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Flight Simulator

-Uses gyroscopic controls to turn, gain altitude, or descend

-Also uses voice control to activate commands (Landing gear, auto pilot, etc)

-Can also use buttons or touch screen to control plane

-The map of where you're at, radar for other players/cpu, and altitude is on the bottom screen


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Some of these concepts are actually rather engaging. I'm quite partial to the flight simulator, Pokemon concept (if it were to be expanded) and the card-trading game (again, to be expanded and make intriguing use of NFC and AR, with online multiplayer card battles - like akin to Yu-Gi-Oh! or something.) The Where's Wally? and X-Ray Device ideas would also make for good ideas in some mini-game compilation, or just something nice and small. And I'm praying to whatever invisible supernatural being that may exist in the sky that Watch Dogs comes to Wii U. It'd be perfect~

I'm also surprised nobody has thought of a WarioWare concept for the console. Like a broader version of D.I.Y. maybe.



Not the first time I've posted this here, but this video was paid for by Activision and features a tablet controller. I'm quite certain that it's a hint at Wii U functionality in Black Ops II.
Watch out, as there's some language, though.

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