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A tribute to the Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt NES cartridge by having a Wii U bundle that comes with New Super Mario Bros. U and a new Duck Hunt game called "Duck Hunt U".


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Now that's a bundle PETA is sure to love.



Lmao, "Duck Hunt U"
They should Do It.



They had sort of a variation of Duck Hunt in WiiPlay, and I remember a YouTube video once some guy's dad had what appeared to be a "New" DuckHunt demo, no idea how exactly....woulda been for Wii. So yeah, a "New" Duck Hunt U totally needs to happen!

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They should make a Wii U Shoot, in the style of Wii Play. It could have Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley, Wild Guns and Gumshoe. It would come with the Wii U Zapper, where you set the gamepad on the Zapper itself.


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There definitely needs to be a new Duck Hunt game for the Wii U at some point. I thought the Wii was perfect, but the Wii U is even better!!

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DestinyMan wrote:

A New Super Mario Bros. U bundle probably will happen at some point, but not a new Duck Hunt. I would like a new Duck Hunt, though.

I could see it being a cheap eShop download.

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A Golden Wii U with a future Zelda game.

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There's a mistake here. It shall be a sequel called Duck Hunts U.

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