Topic: What do you call Star Fox 64?

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lylat wars mate. I know its meant to be Star Fox but for me, the names are interchangable.

Anyway lylat wars is cool, its in the Lylat system after all, and also, it sounds like Star Wars, the obvious influence (escaping Andross' lair in Venom - escaping from Death Star 2 anyone? Arwing - Rwing - XwingYwingAwingBwing anyone?)

Also, my highscore is 1921. Whats this forum's highscore?

p.s. i always wanted 1997 as my highscore, (since it was a 1997 game and made a big deal out of it- 1997 NINTENDO PRESENTS - ) but could never beat 1921.



Besides Star Fox 64 or Star Fox 64 3D, I call it the second best Star Fox game.

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Superman 64.

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Lylat Wars
Star fox

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Star Fox. And i seriously advise anyone who hasnt played it to try out it out. preferably the excellent 3DS version. Easy to get started, hard to finish and bloody hard to achieve real perfection. One of Miyamoto's best games.

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Star Fox 64,of course.But when I get the remake,I'm calling it by its name as well.

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Happy_Mask wrote:

Superman 64.

I was too slow.

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I just call it Star Fox 64

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