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SSBB: 12

Super smash bros. brawl is an amazing game and is IMO, the best game on the Wii! Melee just seems inferior compared to Brawl but its still fun to play and I still have some great memories with Melee. Even though, I think Brawl is better, Melee definitely has the better opening. The opening of Melee is my favourite opening of any game ever!

Also, if I hadn't missed the last one I would've voted for Wind waker. That game is far better than Twilight princess and is my second favourite Zelda game, second to Majora's mask.


SSB Melee : 7
SSB Brawl : 12


I agree, the opening is possibly my favorite, ever! That's okay about your Wind Waker vote, it won anyways

Edit : I'm going to just wrap this one up,

The winner is : Super Smash Bros. Brawl

NEXT TWO : Super Mario 64 VS. Super Mario Sunshine

I'm voting for Super Mario Sunshine!

Super Mario 64 :
Super Mario Sunshine : 1

Vote away!

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64. I appreciate Sunshine trying something different but it didn't always...y'

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Super Mario 64

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Super Mario 64. It changed the gaming world, man.

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Super Mario 64 : 5
Super Mario Sunshine : 1

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Oh my gosh! I am still waiting to play Super Mario Sunshine. The game was announced in like 2002, right? Man. It certainly looks more fun than Super Mario 64. The controls look more refined in all of the gameplay videos I've seen. The wall kick took a while to master in 64, in Sunshine it looks so much easier. I guess I can't really vote one way or the other.
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Mario 64.

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I'm voting for the fantastic Super Mario 64. While Super Mario sunshine is a great game, I agree with KKslider that even though it was good to see it try something different it didn't always work and it just lacks the magic of SM64 and the SMG games. Its still a lot better than 3D land though.
Super Mario 64: 8
Super Mario sunshine: 1

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Mario 64, even though Sunshine is fun, I don't like how almost a third of all of the shines are to do with coin collection...

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Super Mario 64 : 9
Super Mario Sunshine : 1

Lol oh jeeze. I knew this would happen, that's why I voted for Super Mario Sunshine, didn't want it to be (insert high number) to 0 as the score!

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Sunshine is great, but I have to vote for Super Mario 64.

Super Mario 64: 10
Super Mario Sunshine: 1


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Why isn't this locked? Shouldn't this be in the This or That section?

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64 all the way!

Super Mario 64 11

Sunlame 1

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Sunshine is nothing compared to Super Mario 64.



Sunshine. Take that, 12(?) people! >:3

(being serious, I had a blast with Sunshine)



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