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TwilightV wrote:

Sonic Adventure, mainly because I hate CD's special stages.

Really?! I thought that they were the best special stages of any Sonic game..

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Sonic CD easily.



Sonic Adventure

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Sonic CD and its not even a close call, the Adventure games are fairly average and in no way shape or form anywhere near as fun as CD.



Sonic CD: 7
Sonic Adventure: 9

I'm a bit surprised by the somewhat split opinions regarding the vote this time around.

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This is hard, both games I have a ton of nostalgia for, but aren't that great in retrospect. I guess I'll vote for Sonic CD, since that wasn't the first domino of Sonic's potential demise.

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Sonic CD. I liked Adventure, but CD is better in my opinion (though Colors is still my favorite of all time) (I review stuff here, check it out : P )

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I have an idea for the next Game VS. Game. How about: New Super Mario Bros. 2 VS. New Super Mario Bros. Wii? (Comparing NSMB2 to NSMBU would be an unfair comparison.)

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Winner: Sonic CD


New: Rhythm Heaven vs. Elite Beat Agents
Which rhythm-music DS classic do you think is the better game?

Rhythm Heaven: 1
Elite Beat Agents: 0

Start voting now!

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EBA for sure.

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Elite Beat Agents was probably my favourite rhythm based game of all time. I loved Rhythm Heaven as well, but EBA was probably one of the greatest game experiences of my life... So, I have to give it to the fantastic Elite Beat Agents.



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