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HeartGold/SoulSilver easily! There's so much more to it and the music is so much better and they even have the old GB music to unlock. And like they literally have most of Kanto, even more than the original games. And refighting gym leaders with super leveled up Pokemon and online's all so glorious. I almost don't want to play another Pokemon game because for me, who grew up loving 2nd gen, the series can't get better.

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Pokemon HG+SS: 1
Pokemon FR+LG: 2

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I've never played a pokemon game past 'Emerald' hahahaha. I'm so behind.....stares at everyone staring at me

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HG/SS. The graphical overhaul, the music, the new Safari Zone, the pokewalker, Hoenn & Sinnoh pokemon, daily events, bug catching contest, Youngster Joey and his Rattata that is in the top percentage of Rattata, Pokegear, GB sounds, Kanto, battle with Red.

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I've owned Blue, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Platinum, Black 1, and Black 2. But ironically, i've never played any of Gen II or the remakes, so I wouldn't really know.

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Pokemon HG+SS: 2
Pokemon FR+LG: 2

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Can I vote for Pokemon 'Gold'?

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Jeremyx7 wrote:

Can I vote for Pokemon 'Gold'?

The point of this mashup is to compare the remakes of each game. The votes are not supposed to be based on the originals.

Don't worry, Pokemon Gold will be featured on here (again)

Then again we could use more votes..

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Pokemon HG+SS: 2
Pokemon FR+LG: 3

Seriously, LeafGreen was and still is, my favorite Pokemon game.

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I go with pokemon heartgold and soul silver it had all fo kanto in it and jhoto so that's a win in my book.

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Pokemon FR/LG: 4
Pokemon HG/SS: 3

This was a tough one. Fire Red is one of my favorite games though and unlike HG/SS (and the other Gen IV games), the game was fast and fluid.

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I prefer Gen. 2 over Gen. 1, but I haven't played the remakes (HG/SS), so I'll just watch the battle go on.

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This probably sounds a bit ridiculous, but despite only playing Fire Red and Leaf Green, I think Heart Gold and Soul Silver seem like the better remakes. They add a whole lot more to Kanto and Johto than the Gen 3 remakes do, they have an option to use the old school music, let you refight gym leaders and the Elite Four at higher levels, tie in content from all the later generations like the Arceus event at the ruins and seem like they're more interesting than Fire Red and Leaf Green were. Maybe because Gen 1 didn't have a lot of things that could be added outside of the Sevii Islands, whereas Gen 2 had quite a few gaps where interesting content could be added (despite it arguably being better than gen 1).

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Heart Gold and Soul Silver. It's close, though. Both are absolutely stellar remakes that do an awesome job at hitting nostalgia while making subtantial improvements. Both are quite strong still in their structure as well. Frankly, I'm only picking HG and SS because they have more content.

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This... is really close, but I suppose it would be for Pokemon remakes. HG/SS had amazing music, especially with the GB sounds, it had a good amount of depth, it was overall great and met my standards for a Pokemon game. But FR/LG was the first Pokemon game I played, and I remember sitting their knocking down Koga's Muk with my Hypno, I remember how much trouble I had beating the Pokemon League (This was, no joke, one of the first video games I ever played, and me still being pretty young, I had no experience with RPGs at some six years old), and the eventual mourning of my Leaf Green when I lost it in a sofa (derp). I plan on getting a copy of FR or LG this Christmas. So my vote is definitely to FR/LG, to clarify.
Johto was meh anyways.

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A very hard decision. I basically grew up with Leaf Green when I was a kid, but I think I'm going to go with HG/SS. The second generation was the best generation of Pokemon in my opinion thanks to the story and the two regions, and the remakes expand it well with the new areas, and the ability to obtain some Pokemon not in the 1st and 2nd generation before the national dex.

Both games are amazing, but my vote goes to HG/SS

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