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Mario Kart DS is much better. And I never played online once.

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Mario Kart 7

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Mario Kart DS, the 'Missions' mode alone made that game way, waay, waaaay better than 7 will ever be.

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19Robb92 wrote:

Mario Kart DS, the 'Missions' mode alone made that game way, waay, waaaay better than 7 will ever be.

I nearly got the best score possible (or something similar to that) for every single mission in that game and it was awesome. It's criminal that they haven't expanded on it beyond a limited time online whatever it was in the Wii game.

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Mario Kart DS: 16
Mario Kart 7: 18

These two have been pretty close. Glad this mashup's gotten more of a stir out of everyone, there's actual discussions and points going on.

This is the last chance to vote!

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How many days do you usually let these polls go for?
I vote Mario Kart DS x2 to even it haha

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Emaan wrote:

These two have been pretty close.

I thought about these two games for a while before I voted for Mario Kart DS, and I am still unsure if that's the one I enjoyed more. Mario Kart 7 only feels like a rushed game due to lacking single player VS in my opinion, but beyond that, it feels the most refined in terms of racing mechanics and course designs. It is almost so great in such designs that I don't mind the lack of a VS mode. I normally don't like using nostalgia to justify a game's rank, but I think my memories were what ultimately made me pick Mario Kart DS if just by a hair.

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HawkeyeWii wrote:

How many days do you usually let these polls go for?

It all depends really. On the amount of votes, the difference between the two, etc.

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Mario Kart DS. 7 is probably better but DS I got with my DS Phat for christmas and spent the whole morning playing online.


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Mario Kart 7. For some reason, I didn't really like ds.

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I never liked Mario Kart DS very much, and Mario Kart 7 has to be my favourite Mario Kart game yet, so definitely Mario Kart 7 for me.


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DS had a better SP experience but 7 had the better race track selections and an arguably better Online multiplayer. Add in the Glider mechanics and the Best Rainbow Road in the series yet, my vote goes to Mario Kart 7

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Mario Kart 7 is much better, Its has a better Track selection, Good online play and to include the new under water driving and also gliding, Although thats not to say that DS version was not good.

and 7 has 3D!!!!!

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MK7. MKDS was ok, but MK7 is sooooo much better, better online, better courses, better selection of karts, better graphics...

Just so ya know MK7's got pretty much all my favorite courses.

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Oh God, this is one hell of a hard choice to make, since Mario Kart DS and 7 are some of my favourite ever Mario Kart games. Heck, my favourite track (Airship Fortress) is even in both of them!

But I'd probably vote for Mario Kart 7 now. Nothing wrong with the DS game, it's just that 7 in my opinion has less terrible tracks than DS did while having just as many or even more great ones. DS has Choco Island, Yoshi Falls and a couple of others holding it back, 7 doesn't.

And with the exception of Waluigi, Mario Kart 7 has the better characters too. And better online, because you can actually damn play Airship Fortress and Waluigi Pinball online.

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Mario Kart DS: 17
Mario Kart 7: 23

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Intrepid wrote:

Come on guys, DS has an emblem maker. Emblems!

And mario kart 7 has two Rainbow Roads. Your point is now invalid

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I love every single Mario Kart game. When comparing MK7 to MKDS I would say I much rather prefer 7 by a landslide. It does just about everything(minus the missions) the DS version does but x10 better. Everything is just really really fine tuned and the item selection is much more balanced. MK7 also has the best line up of 'new tracks' ever IMO with very creative track designs.

DS is great and I would still play it. But the Mario Kart series since than has improved upon itself greatly over the years.

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Winner: Mario Kart 7


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