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Otaku wrote:

Deathwatch contestants-Madworld

Umm, those enemies are pretty vague. Considering those ARE the only enemies.

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Marlboros in Final Fantasy.

You invariably meet them early on when you have no sleep/poison resistance. Grrr.

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Rift wrote:

Kid Icarus - Eggplant Wizards and Plutons.
Actually, those two are probably the most annoying enemies of all time.

You couldn't be more right.

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like-likes zelda series



Mario - Hammer Bros., Boomerang Bros., Bros. in general (except the Mario Bros.), Lakitu
Zelda - Wallmasters, Floormasters, masters in general, Redeads
Kirby - Gordo
Castlevania - Medusa Heads
Duck Hunt - The dog
Metroid - Metroids
3D Sonic games - Bad camera

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PunnyGuy wrote:

Mario - Hammer Bros., Boomerang Bros., Bros. in general (except the Mario Bros.), Lakitu
Zelda - Wallmasters, Floormasters, masters in general, Redeads
Kirby - Gordo
Castlevania - Medusa Heads
Duck Hunt - The dog
Metroid - Metroids
3D Sonic games - Bad camera


KirbyMaster wrote:

Cipher wrote:



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Final Fantasy: Tonberry's....always grudging on your characters....
Mario: Hammer Bros are ALWAYS annoying...
Super Metroid: The Gold Space god I had to look up their weakness to kill them!
Sonic: Those GUN robots....especially in 06....

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Off the top of my head it would be lakitu. He's ALWAYS being a pain no matter what he's doing.

Platformers: Stalking me relentlessly throwing crap on my head.

Mario Kart: Floating right in the middle of the screen making an obnoxious sound and holding a sign when I'm trying to do something "YES I KNOW I'M GOING THE WRONG WAY"

Mario 64: Doing an all around crappy job as a cameraman.

He's just a perpetual thorn in my side.



(Most RPGs) - Mimics
Castlevania - Mudusa Heads and Hunchbacks
Half-Life - Headhumpers

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Sonic series: Slicers, Shellcrackers (Sonic 2), Artificial Chaos (Adventure 2, Shadow), Giant Helmet Hammer Robots (Heroes)
Castlevania: Hunchbacks
Street Fighter: EVERYONE!

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For me, some of the more annoying enemies I had to face in games were:

From the Mario series:

Phantos. God I hated those things and how they chased Mario whenever he picked up a key. Oh well, at least a star could kill them.

Fishin' Boo. He wasn't a common enemy, but damn that thing was annoying in Choco Ghost House in Super Mario World. And he's even worse when ROM hackers use him.

Meteor Storms/Volcanic Eruptions. You know, like in this level of New Super Mario Bros Wii:

Those things are infuriating. Especially in that New Super Mario Bros DS level where you had to be Mini Mario. Or in Mario Kart's Lakeside Park and Grumble Volcano.

From the Zelda series:

Bubbles. Don't you love not being able to use your sword? Or how some in the original could stop you using it permanently til you hit another one?

Wizrobes. They're annoying in any game, but I hated them most in The Minish Cap where they could set Link on fire and send him running around uncontrollably. Or freeze him in a block of ice. And you had to deal with two or three at once...

From the Wario series:

Those bombs from Wario Land 1 that latched onto your head. Argh... talk about the most annoying kind of suicide attack!

Probably the ghost boss too, it could stun you in mid air, leaving you defenceless from enemy attacks.

From fan made games and hacks

Elite Koopas/Paratroopas. Most annoying things ever, in that they had Chargin' Chuck style health but special attacks to boot. Like throwing their shell at you, turning into a disco shell instantly on sight or charging at great speed. See here:

This gimmick. Go left, you die instantly. Spin jump, you die instantly. Enjoy the ice physics!

And in any game, homing projectiles. Especially in large numbers.

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Kid Icarus: Ornes, Mimicuties (due to dodge mechanics)
No More Heroes: Gun Enemies

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