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Thu 15th Jul 2010

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EarthViper commented on Nintendo Download: 24th September (Europe):

Mystic Quest was actually really good as an 'entry level' 1992. Nowadays there's a lot fewer folks that haven't experienced the genre as well as some better 'entry level' JRPG's to choose from.

If you're like me though and can't get enough of JRPG's from that era it's still worth a play even if it is easy.



EarthViper commented on Review: Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii):

"To say that the CURRENT GENERATION has been a bit lacking in the role-playing game department would be a gross understatement. Not only have there been very few releases for the genre, the few we have seen haven't exactly offered much to get excited about."

Fixed. I'll never get why so many people like to call out the Wii for something this whole generation is guilty of. (Disclaimer: I'm referring to Console Style RPG's, I am aware that the Wii is behind the PS360 in terms of WRPGs)

I'll pick this game up way before I buy the next JRPG that tries to needlessly re-invent the wheel and fail miserably. Honestly, it's become a cliche to call JRPG's cliche.



EarthViper commented on The Last Story Gets Incredible First Trailer:

I'll never understand why some people think turn-based combat is outdated or inferior design. I can appreciate someone preferring real-time but I don't see why it's viewed as "progressive" by comparison.

Some people prefer the strategy and pace of turn based combat. Some older interface designs of that sub-genre need to or have been overhauled but the concept of turn based combat is timeless. Last I checked Chess didn't become obsolete when Crossfire came out.