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Hey, I'd like you to name your most loved and most hated tracks with a little blurb explaining why. I'll start

From Double Dash
DK Mountain is sick
WALUIGI STADIUM! CHEE!! (Best Mario Kart Stage Ever)
Rainbow Road from MK:DD because it's just BRUTAL, I've never picked up these starmen on the road,
Bowser's Castle is just. Well, it's Bowser's Castle as it should be.
Baby Park is another crazy one, total fun to throw a shell (especially Bowsers!) in lap one and see it going NUTS.
Mario Circuit because it's in my mind classic racing fun. At least I think it's Mario Circuit, the names blur together.
Koopa Cape - Reminds me a bit of Crash Team Racing, for some reason. It's a totally unique stage with great mechanics and an interesting aestetic.

Yes these are all from Double Dash. Except for Koopa Cape
Maple Treeway
There's so much maple, everything is the same color. Really it sickens me and makes me really confused. I just hate it.

Wii retro SNES Ghost Valley. I think it's called #2 or something as well. I really suck at that one, it's boring, there's nothing interesting about it.

It's been a while since I really played Mario Kart games, and I missed out completely on the SNES versions, and had almost no experience with the N64. I play the GC version regularly though, and I still have a wii and did once have the DS version (I longer have that).

Honorable Mentions for being memorable, these didn't make the Love or Hate list.
Delfino Plaza
Wario Colosseum especially is that stage that's always just there, taunting me. It for some reason reminds me a bit of Pinball or more space agey stuff.

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My absolute favorite is Mario Circuit 2 from the SNES Mario Kart, mainly cause I love the jump in there. I was so glad when they brought back that track as a retro track in MK7.

The one I hate the most are any of the ice tracks.

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The one good thing about MK:DD on GC was most of the track designs were awesome! The item balance sucked though. My favorite MK track out of all my favorites is N64 Koopa Beach, I was so happy to see/play it in MK 7.



Love: The tracks in Super Circuit.
Hate: The tracks in Super Circuit because it plays like Super Circuit.

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loved the tracks in DD, also I can't say I ever hated any stage in any MK game. except for the last wii game, can't judge about that one since I never bought it, because it looked like crap :/


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My absolute favorite is SNES Rainbow Road. The track design is great and the music is great. Also I love to brag to people after I beat them on it, since I am apparently very good on it.

My least favorite has to be most of Mario Kart DS's tracks.

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I love Koopa Cape, it is my favourite track in Mario Kart.

My most hated however is probably Coconut Mall. not because its badly designed, but because EVERYONE picks it online...
Also, bad memories of Wuhu Mountain Loop... Freaking cheaters online almost made me sell the game... Then the patch came, and now its funny to see a person occasionally still try the glitch.

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Double Dash has the best course design in the series. They're all so good.

My favorite is Wario Coliseum. It's so huge and has tons of tricky twists and turns.

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1. N64 Rainbow Road
2. Any new track in Mario Kart 7
3. GCN Bowser's Castle
4. GBA Sunset Wilds
5. GBA Ribbon Road
1. Any Vanilla Lake track in Super Mario Kart

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I forgot about those ice tracks! Ice tracks suck except for that one cake icing battle, and I don't think that was an ice track.



Well the worst battle track ever has to be the cookie one from Double Dash that reappeared in MK Wii. Why they brought it back, I'll never know..

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I despise rainbow road and love baby park



Tracks I think are awesome:

Airship Fortress

Waluigi Pinball

Luigi's Mansion

Many Bowser's Castle levels

Tick Tock Clock

DK Mountain

Mushroom City

Basically, I prefer more gimmicky, often more Mario themed levels. I'd say Airship Fortress is closest to what I want a Mario Kart track to be like. Not to mention most of these tracks have super catchy music and also generally look awesome as well.

Tracks I dislike/hate:

DK Pass. The ice physics suck, the track layout is annoying to traverse and honestly, it has absolutely nothing to do with Donkey Kong.

Vanilla Lake. I remember playing this in Super Circuit and absolutely hating it. Those ice blocks can go to hell.

Wuhu Island Loop and Wuhu Mountain Loop. The glitches are bad enough, but the tracks have nothing to do with Mario! Why they even in a Mario Kart game? Seriously Nintendo, I don't give a toss about Miis and Wii Sports, keep them out the other franchises please.

Most flat circuit levels. There's absolutely nothing to them other than item luck, especially in games without 'snaking' or other 'advanced' strategies.

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I hated Yoshi Valley, and I liked Sherbet Land.

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  • Coconut Mall
  • Mushroom gorge
  • Toad circuit
  • SNES rainbow road.


  • Wuhu Mountain Loop
  • DK Pass
    SNES Mario circuit

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CM30 wrote:

^Which Sherbet Land? The Nintendo 64, the Gamecube one or the revamped version of the Nintendo 64 one found in Mario Kart Wii?

The Nintendo 64.

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CM30 wrote:

Okay. And out of curiosity, did you like the track as much in Mario Kart Wii?

I've never played Mario Kart Wii.

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