Topic: Mario Kart: Your Most Loved and Hated tracks!!

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I love the music in Waluigi Pinball.
One of my favorites was Rainbow Road from Double Dash since I was pretty good at not falling off and my family wasn't

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Waluigi Pinball is one of the few DS tracks I actually enjoy. Most courses in that I find boring.

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Yoshi's Valley from the N64 is definitely my favorite of the MK tracks.

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my favorite tracks is all the rainbow roads and my most hated tracks is all the rainbow roads on mirror



Seriously wtf!? Banshee Boardwalk for Mario Kart 64 is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! This course alone for this game makes me really wonder why MK64 isn't brought up in discussions of "the hardest game of all-time" I have had to retry this stage over 20 times in a row recently on 150cc for special cup due to not coming in 4th or better. This game is definitely going in my top 10 hardest games now for sure.!

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I always found Sherbert Land and Banshee Boardwalk from MK64 to be quite gruelling...I don't necessarily have a favorite or least favorite track, though 64 and DD seem to have more memorable tracks. (That definitely has to do with the fact that those are the two I "grew up" with, of course)



Favorite track : Any rainbow road
Least favorite track : Any rainbow road

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Hate: Donut Plains (Super Mario Kart)
Love: Everything else (Super Mario Kart)

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Mario Raceway on the 64 .. and Bowsers Castle on the 64 ! .... Ohh and for a laugh , With SHortcuts allowed Wario Stadium

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