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Topic: Good or Bad: Zelda II?

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Ahh, Zelda II. Released for the NES in 1988, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was the only direct sequel to the original The Legend of Zelda. It has been dubbed one the most hated sequels ever created but honestly I think it looks like a cool game. It introduces a unique mixture of side-scrolling and RPG like elements that was new to the series (plus it introduced Dark Link). Most people complain that the difficulty is too hard due to the enemies and that it's not a true Zelda game; but that's why I think its cool. If it wasn't a Zelda game it would get a better reputation, but it's seriously worth playing.

Now what do you guys and gals think. Is Zelda II worth playing or should it hide in the shadows forever?

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Hrmmm... where's the "awesome" choice?

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I think Zelda ll is a decent game but it is really different from other games in the series. I think if it were a stand alone title of a different name and weren't a part of the Zelda series it wouldn't get nearly as much hate as it does. It just doesn't quite live up to the expectations of a Zelda title. If your up for a challenge and don't have anything else to play, then I suggest you give it a try.




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It's the only Legend of Zelda game I haven't finished because It was boring and really annoying... It's definitely bad if you ask me :(

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I dont mind actually, If you can stomach the tough as nails difficulty and don't mind not knowing what to do next. I may recommend a guide book.

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Great game, but it doesn't come to mind when I think of Zelda. It's amazing, but it doesn't have a Zelda feel.




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I really enjoyed my time with it, and I think it deserves more recognition. I actually liked the change in gameplay style, and overall I prefer it to the original Legend of Zelda. It's not a game for everyone, but I think it's a unique game that people should at least give a shot.

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It's a bad Zelda game, but a unusual and fresh feeling NES game.

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Good, Better than the N64 outings even, IMHO.

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It deserves to spend eternity in Death Mountain.

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Hard in my opinion, but was ok at best.

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It gets a lot of flak for being different and much harder, but if you look past the title, it's a great game. It is tough, one of the harder games I've played, and it takes a long while to be able to do much of anything, but once you have a decent arsenal of magic and the Downward Thrust it gets really fun. For its time Zelda II has aged fairly well.

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I like it. While not a great Zelda game, on it's own its pretty good.

Just because it's hard that doesn't make it a bad game. By that logic, pretty much all of the good NES and SNES games that have a hard difficulty are bad. Mega Man series? Ninja Gaiden series? Ghosts 'n Goblins? Battletoads? All bad games because they are to hard.


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pixelman wrote:

Hrmmm... where's the "awesome" choice?

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No matter about a gameplay change! This opus will always remain good. ;)

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Well, I was a child when that game came up... At that time I really enjoyed Adventure of Link... The game was accepted at that time by everyone and It was a really good game... What happened after was that SNES Zelda III is so damn good that is still one of the best Zelda ever made. After Zelda III, Adventure of Link is not that relevant, because Zelda III came up with the same top view recipe and It was awesome. =)

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It's so bad.

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This game was awesome. Maybe not quite as good as the original LOZ, but most people that jump on the hate train are the same people who didn`t play it during it`s time. Now Wind Waker on the other hyrule hand deserves to get the bad rap, not Adventure of Link! This bad boy had some groundbreaking combat mechanics, with a phenomenal soundtrack to boot and so many other iconic and classic moments.

Having a black sheep as the first sequal instead of dishing out more of the same makes the 3rd entry(in mario and Zelda`s case. SMB3 & ALTTP) which goes back to it`s original roots makes the original winning formula(Although makiing big advancements in visuals, gameplay, ect) feel fresh again. it breaks up the trilogy flow. ALTTP wouldn`t of felt quite as special if Adventure of link was just another overhead LOZ with slightly altered artwork, different locations, enemies ect ect.

it`s what i miss about the big N. they were so experimental back in those days, but i guess they could afford to be since dev teams were so much tinier, the budgets were miniscule vs the games of today(More so with the twin stick bros....Cough, interactive movies) and they took less time to make!

This STILL could be the case if Nintendo, capcom and Konami opted for little Wii U Ware, 3DS Ware releases that go back to their retro roots.

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Don't like it today, didn't like it back in the day.

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You should give the game a shot.
Then give it another shot in the head, to make sure its dead.
I think I'm almost at the end of Zelda II with my level maxed to 8, and yet its still a pain to play.

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