Topic: Good or Bad: Zelda II?

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It's not that bad I think, it's gameplay is very different from the rest of the series but who cares; it's relatively fun to play regardless.


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it's good for an NES game, but as a game alone, it's pretty wicked.

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Some really bad design choices were made in the game. There's a difference between a game being hard (Mega Man games) and downright unfair. Zelda 2 consistently lands in the latter place. It also loved to waste players' time, what with starting you off at the castle at game over. It doesn't help the difficulty curve was all over the place.

So yeah, bad.

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I actually enjoyed the game a lot more than I thought I would. I don't think the game is that badly designed as everyone else here seems to think. I found the challenge a lot more fair than other NES "classics" such as Ninja Gaiden. It does have a high learning curve, but once you understand the game and start leveling up it becomes a whole lot more enjoyable.

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I just downloaded on the Wii U VC so I will have to get around to it again someday. The most painful thing I noticed after giving it a 5 minute whirl was how slow the text is. Yikes, that is going to annoy me.

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I think Zelda II was actually better than the original, but I'm sure a big part of that was because I owned Zelda II back in its heyday and not Zelda 1. I did eventually get Zelda 1 but not for a few years after playing and beating the second game, but yeah, I find Zelda II to be one of the best games on the NES as well as one of my all time favorite games. Its one of those old school games that I love to revisit every few years and remember my childhood fondly with, and I know many may disagree but I don't care because to me Zelda II was pure NES perfection.

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its time to clear up some confusion; Zelda II is not hard. its only hard if you play it wrong, and thats the case for almost every game. if your even good at games in general, then this game is really EASY. if your generally bad at games however, then it'll be hard for you.

step 1: grind all your experience at the first temple with the death-skulls. do this until you level everything up.
thats it. i did this, and the rest of the game becomes BABY easy. if your any good at video games, then the game is incredibly easy. if you want REAL challenge, play Ghosts n' Goblins.

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@TheOneHacker yeah but grinding is boring... I'd rather have a hard time

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