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True Crime streets of L.A
Whst the crap was i thinking?

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Viewtiful Joe 2
Mickey Mouse and the Magical Mirror
Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

Best thread ever
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Twario wrote:

@Axoloth No, sunshine was crap compared to SMG. Also, Amazing island was a crap game with a crappy interface. If anyone wants to complain to me or state your opinion against mine, just know I don't give a crap.

Whoa. Sorry, didn't mean to hurt your feelings there...
It's not like I didn't like Galaxy, I just think it was a disappointment. What with all the hype it got. And even though the game took place in space, it felt so claustrophobic. While in Sunshine it felt like I could go wherever I wanted. (Same goes for SM64, but not as much as Sunshine).

SKTTR wrote:

I have 120 stars on Sunshine. At least that was a great challenge which took me months,
and therefore I like it more than SM64 and Galaxy which I perfected in a few days.

I love Mario games with a challenge. I appreciate the levels more if I can play them for a while and not just once and never again (because there's nothing else to do).

I hope Galaxy 2 will be as challenging as Sunshine, that would be good :)

What he said.

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Badknux wrote:

I have all the Shine Sprites on Super Mario Sunshine, thanks to Action Replay! I could never imagine doing the work by myself. But the game itself, not so fond of it.

I wouldn't be fond of Sunshine (and myself) either, if I had used an Action Replay.



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Honestly, I can't think of a single GameCube title that I regret owning. Although Pac-Man Fever is mighty close.

Axoloth wrote:

Oh, and why do people hate Sunshine? It beats the crap out of Galaxy imo.

Is that so, Axoloth? Well, you know what I say to that? I say, "It's all right, I totally respect that." Though I must be honest, I haven't played Super Mario Sunshine (truly underrated game) in years. I'm currently succumbed by the greatness that is Super Mario Galaxy (imo). ^^

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I had gotten about 80 of the Shine Sprites on my own in the past, I just purchased it a second time and used the cheats so I wouldn't have to do the work over again. Trust me, that's not why I didn't like it. I just didn't like the water pack controls. I'd much rather use Mario, plain ol' Mario.

And for your information SKTTR, pride doesn't play a factor in my gaming experience. I don't usually like to complete the games 100% anyway, way too annoying. So, I use cheats to fill in the gaps. I usually put up with collecting things like Stars or Shine Sprites so I can get to the final battle. I used Action Replay for Sonic Heroes to get to the Metal Madness/Metal Overlord level, because the Special Zones in that one were such a pain. Saved me a lot of agony.

@ Axoloth

I like Sunshine more than Galaxy too. Using the Wii Remote is such a drag. I actually find it more annoying than the water pack.

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