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I love watching Let's Plays. It's fun watching people experience games for the first time. I just watched Let's Play King's Quest VII. He got it almost right. He didn't try to get the crystal dragon scale properly, so he gave up and moved on. Turns out you don't need it. Probably good for full points, though.

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Not normally. I'd rather watch my friends play through games. I used to do that all the time, when I had a roommate. Now, I don't live with my friends, so I'll watch Let's Plays sometimes. I was working on one myself, for NMH, but it was a lot more difficult to put together than I thought, because of my ancient recording equipment. I'm waiting until I get a better setup to continue the series.

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Sometimes I watch the first 1-4 episodes for games I'm interested in buying, to get a better feel for the game if there's one in good quality, like HD.. I hardly ever watch one through to the end, and if I do it's old games that I most likely won't ever play, I've done so only once or twice, I preferr actually playing the games.

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I don't like watching other people play, I don't like spoilers, so no. The thought of watching someone else play when I could be is yawnsome to the max.



I only watch the good/entertaining ones, which are close to none.

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I normally just watch the first 2 or 3 parts of one if it's a game I'm considering.

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I happen to be watching the first one I have seen. The Penumbra series (horror). Its pretty entertaining hearing the dude freak out because a dog with creepy eyes broke into the room, that was when he decided to call the dog Mr. Satan.

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I personally love watching Let's Plays. Some of them are very entertaining and have gotten me interested in games I wouldn't normally consider playing. Recently I've been watching Deus Ex, Doom, and Z from Kikoskia and Call of Cthulu from TraskNari.

@Ravage: That's being done by Halloween4545 right? I remember watching that one. You should check out some of his F.E.A.R LP. Watching him freak out on the ninjas is hilarious


I personally watch them for the enterntainment.

@Ravage&Arkia: Haha I remember Helloween4545's LP of Penumbra: Overture. That dog gave me nightmares
I also watched some of his Dead Space LP. Good stuff.

Right now I'm watching Vash12349's LP of Batman Arkham Asylum and Resident Evil 2.

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Haha! I`m watching Penumbra Black Plague, gotta love dancing with Mr. Satan
I`ll have to check out some of his others, I would play some of them, but I would never get throw them lol

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The LP's I can remeber watching was Sirlionheart's(I think that's how you spelled his LP of Super Mario World Kaizo and a few episodes from HCBaily on various games. Its been awhile since a saw a LP now that I think about it...

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Yes, I do. It helps in deciding how good a game looks, and they can have helpful commentary from the player in the video.


Chuggaaconroy and Sonikdude101, that's it.

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naah. i'll watch people play games IRL, but via youtube is just boring IMO :3

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Every once in a while. Just yesterday I watched a two-hour long Lets Play of Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Episode IV. It was pretty interesting to watch, if only because one of the party members got roaring drunk and kept yelling stuff over skype. Now if only I could figure out how to get the game myself, I could stop playing the Phantasy Star Universe demo and maybe even play it with some friends of my own.

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