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Tetris is easily one of the most well-known and succesful games there is. Heck, the mobile version is the number 1 best selling game of all time! And keep in mind, that's only the mobile version, since there are tons of versions!
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So I'm wondering, what's the best version of Tetris you've ever played? I've heard a lot of great things about Tetris DS, though Tetris Party Deluxe looked good too. I personally like retro, so I really like the original Game Boy version. But to be fair, I haven't tried out many other versions of it.

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My personal favorite is the GB version, but I acknowledge it's pretty bare bones.

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I liked the DSi ware version the most maybe, played great, quick pick up and play, had good music, had online when the service was still up, like the way it looked, etc. Sadly now you can't buy it....or even the GB version/axis on the 3DS eshop which is a shame, but the DSi game had it's reason

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DS one was my favorite...enjoyed the new modes.

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The GB version, which I have on my 3DS.

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The Tengen version for the NES but that one can be a bit hard to find and expensive. My second favorite would be Tetris DS.

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For an oldie like me,it's got to be the original on the grey brick.I've got a lot of memories from playing that in my uncles car on the way to France for a holiday back in 91 or 92.It was a great holiday so it'll forever remain my favourite.Tetris Party on Wii was pretty great too though.

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I liked Tetris Party on the Wii because it had competitions where you could win Wii points. I actually won enough points to pay for the game quite a few times over. Which was nice. It was also a fairly decent version of the game. It's also hard to go past the original on the GameBoy. Probably played that more than any other version.

Though for my all time favourite version? It's probably cheating but I have to sayTetris & Dr Mario. One of my favourite games on the SNES as a kid. Playing two player vs mixed match with my sister was always fun. She was better at Dr Mario and I was better at Tetris. Matches always ended up being pretty close at the end from memory.

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For me, it would be Tetris DX for the GBC. The color scheme was a great visual demonstration of what the GBC coud do at the time and I made my first million points on that version.

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Tetris DX is probably the only good Gameboy game I had the first 6 months I had a Gameboy Color (though that depends if Jurassic Park 2 had aged well or not...) so I'm biased towards it. Also its attempts at bosses were really cool.

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I've thoroughly enjoyed Axis, but what I've played of Grand Master 2 is pretty great and that particular series is known as the definitive versions of the game. Wasn't really into Tetris back when Tetris DS came out but am keen to play that one. Really wish it would come to Wii U VC.

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I think Tetris DS and Axis are the best, but there are tons of Tetris to say that there's something nice about the special ones, like Disney Magical Tetris or the Wii remote stuff on Party.


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Tetris DS is the one I've poured the most time into and the one I have the most affection for, even if some of its modes allow infinite spin, which kinda skews the game too far into the player's favor.

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Tetirs on GB for no other reason than nostalgia is #1. Tetris on NES is #2because of nostalgia and the tunes. Those are the only two I have played.

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Tetris DS, no doubt.

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