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I do gaming hints, tips, secrets, updates and more. I also do Pixel Art and drawings. At the moment I have 320+ followers. I aim to get 400. I appreciate every follower.

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Iam thinking to change my nintendo Id name, is it to late to change my name?

3DS FC: 1633-4304-0741
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I do Pixel art and more

Miiverse: Haast_NZL
Followers: 855
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3DS Friend Code: 0259-0434-4753 | Nintendo Network ID: Haast_NZL


Hey ppl, I'm Mitsudude on NNID. Add me and if you do please include a message with the words Nintendolife or NL friend so I know you not just some random persons. i'm looking for some friends, only got one... and its my sister.

Nintendo Network ID: Mitsudude


very nice thanks for this



Miiverse: Haast_NZL
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I do some awesome posts, to believe me you will have to see.

Miiverse: Haast_NZL
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Hey - been on here way too long without posting my NNID!
Added a few people already - my NNID is openrob.. From the UK.

Is there any 20+ owners around here? Just got Ghosts today so gonna be getting into that for a while.

NNID: openrob


Hi guy am new to the whole Nintendo scene and looking to add some friends to both my Wii U and my 3ds. My 3ds I.D is 4871-5302-5455 and my Wii U is adamwilding1982. Looking forward to gaming with you all soon.

3SD id is 4871-5302-5455
Wii U id adamwilding1982


Hi there, my id is soakedmine (was making fun of a friend's Xbox id then i downloaded WWHD in that account so i kept it lol)

Anyway atm i dont have any online game (i guess? lol) but i wil buy both mk8 and smash so anyone interesed in online for any of them feel free to add me (:

btw my timezone is gmt - 6
any spanish talker feel free to add me (mexico here)


3DS Friend Code: 5000-3484-9808 | Nintendo Network ID: soakedmine


I got my Wii U a week or two ago. Add me via friend list and/or miiverse.
I am known as Alpha2797 on the Nintendo 3DS. So for those looking for me to also add me on the Wii U, here I am!


EDIT: It appears that other people have info such as time zone and location. I'll do the same below.

I am in the U.S.
Pacific Standard Time PST

I am a college student so who knows when I'll get an opportunity to play? It could be early in the week or late.

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3DS FRIEND CODE: 1848-1714-7175

3DS NNID: Alpha2797

ONLINE PS3 ID: Alpha2797

Steam ID: Alpha2797

Wii U NNID: AlphaKeaton

YouTube Account: Alpha2797

Add me if you wish to do so...

3DS Friend Code: 1848-1714-7175 | Nintendo Network ID: AlphaKeaton


Just got wii u ID:HallowLess form eu


3DS Friend Code: 3179-6913-5112 | Nintendo Network ID: HallowLess


As a proud new owner of The Zelda WII U , I am looking to add friends. Send me invites so we can start playing some games .

ID: JayNoobz


Nintendo Network ID: JayNoobz | Twitter:


Hi everybody! I just luv my Wii U!
ID: marcelokamui

Let's play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate!!! o/

Nintendo Network ID: marcelokamui


JustLink1, send request anytime

I'm Justlink1 on Miiverse, look me up.
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Hey everyone, I'm a long-time Nintendolife forum stalker. None of my friends have a Wii U, and I kind of want to see what that blue LED looks like on the gamepad at least once I play my DS a lot more than the Wii U, but with MK8 and others this year that'll be changing. Add me if you like!

ID: Jojobobo
Locality: UK (GMT)



I'm sending a few of you guys friend requests, my NNID is KirbysEpicCrabs. I sent a message with NL on each request. Hope to see you online for some MK8 soon!!

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Mine is MasterGuard08

Feel free to add me. Plan to play Mario Kart 8 a lot when it releases and I'd like you all to play it.


Nintendo Network ID: MasterGuard08 | Twitter:


Add me...kendallcooper
Getting ready for mario kart

Nintendo ID: kendallcooper


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