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Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA Arrives on Nintendo Switch!

It will release during the Summer and has very positive reviews on PS4, its average Metacritic review score is 85%.


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@SLIGEACH_EIRE Yeah, I've heard really good things about this game. And Falcom is an absolutely legendary company when it comes to JRPGs. Unless something else compelling releases in the meantime, this is looking to my second JRPG on the Switch (after Xenoblade 2). I hope it does well, as I'd love to play other Falcom-developed games on the system.

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To be honest kind of curious about the game. How is the story? Is it really good?

(And if I'm not really good in action-ish-game, is the game going to punish me a ton with it?) I hear the first Ys are really punishing if you aren't gud


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By Ys standards, the story is good. It's a bit less generic than most of the games in the series.

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I thought this looked really good, and I've always thought the Ys series looked interesting, but I've never gotten around to playing one. Will be okay to jump in with number 8? How much would I miss out on not having played previous games?


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@Xyphon22 I believe the games are all set in the same universe but can be played mostly out of order. I doubt you'll have any issue jumping in with the eighth game.



The highlight of the Direct Mini for me. Memories of Celceta is actually my 2nd favorite Vita game(first being P4G) and Ys VIII looks bigger and better than that.

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Ahhh okay, got it. (Anyone know the difficulty level though?)


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So psyched for this.

While i'm not sure about this game in particular, as a general rule, Ys games can be hard but are such that if you're getting destroyed by a boss repeatedly or something, if you just go out and grind a bit and level-up, the difficulty isn't too bad at all.

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Gotcha! Thank you for the answer. I guess I'll either go with switch port or with Steam since Steam's half of the Switch's price...


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@Xyphon22 As far as I know, the only Ys games that really demand to be be played together are Ys I and Ys II, as the story follows directly on from one game to the next. However, while those two games are brilliant, the series has come a very long way since the 1980s. No more bump attacks!

I am so excited to get back into this series - this is a day one purchase for me (as long as I've finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2 by then).

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Definitely picking this up! For those unfamiliar with the series, Ys games are packed with action set to awesome soundtracks!

Also . . . this announcement has me hoping we'll see some Legend of Heroes games on the Switch. Make it happen, Falcom!


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Yes it's fairly floaty. It adds more complexities as you progress though so it's not just button mashing.

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This is very interesting, I'm definitely going to buy it. It seems it's more action and real time than a Xenoblade game from first glance as you can't actively dodge and block in XC, so this should scratch a different RPG itch.

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The highlight of the Direct Mini for me. Not that I've played anything else in the series, but I enjoy JRPGs (almost finished up with Xenoblade Chronicles 2).

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This isn't on the same level as Xenoblade 2, but very few (if any) JRPG's are. This is about as good a catch as one could feasibly hope for in terms of JRPG's. Will sit nicely next to that incoming Tales game.

I want more JRPG's like this on Switch. Just finished Xenoblade 2, and now I have another one to look forward to. Played Y's VII on Vita so I have played the series before. This one looks better though.

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Looking forward to it.
I really enjoyed Ys Book I & II on the Wii Virtual Console, it gave me Terranigma vibes.
Building an ever-growing base and going on a new epic story-based adventure is one of my favourite game themes. Graphics and enemy design seem great, the soundtrack is bound to be amazing (like every other game in the series), I don't know what to make of the battles yet as the original games were very basic and fast in that regard which I liked.

Another quality Switch RPG to put on my most wanted list next to Fire Emblem, Pokémon, Phantasy Star Cloud, SoM Collection, Shin Megami Tensei V, Dragon Quest, and Dark Souls Remastered.

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I like the idea a lot, but this video looks more like it's advertising the anime adaptation than the game. That's not a bad thing for me. I will probably look into getting this one.

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Welp I guess my ps4 copy is gonna stay in the shrinkwrap then.

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It's a kind of semi-open world that you move through in a linear sequence based on the story.

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