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I'm just grateful that there isn't as big of a gap in Japanese releases this time. My import lists used to be huge.

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@Ralizah sounds good. Thanks for the info. I really dislike back tracking in games unless it's seamless and not a total waste of time. Maybe I'll snag pirates curse. Appreciate the feedback as usual.



@Morpheel You're paying for the quality.

More realistically, it makes sense given that the base version of Half-Genie Hero doesn't include the DLC (I believe; I kickstarted it, so I got access to the DLC regardless). And there's a LOT of DLC content in the game.

@NintendoByNature I will mention that most of Half-Genie Hero's DLC modes don't include backtracking, and play like linear, arcade-style games. Just something to keep in mind.



Hah, I'd expect them to value the base adventure just as much if not more than their previous game (which was also a single campaign). Pricing it lower because it has dlc is kinda like admitting the DLC should be considered part of the main game.

I personally really like Pirate's Curse. 1/2 I found a bit... Annoying? I reached a part with a forced "go up quickly or die" section and then lost interest.

Also they made the shopkeeper look a bit silly in the new style.

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@Morpheel I think even the developers realized how anemic the main quest was. The DLC modes are almost all better than the main game, and many of them are just as, if not more, elaborate. They're also usually quite a bit more challenging.

I'm coming to accept the idea that I actually sort of like the DLC content for the game. It's fun, challenging, and lacks the aggravating backtracking of the main campaign.

Pirate's Curse is still far better, though, even if you take all the DLC into account. It's a lengthy(-ish), satisfying story with fun characters, amusing dialogue, and a decent level of difficulty.



Does anyone else never use the D pad. Like, ever. I've played and completed hollow knight, hyperlight drifter, donkey kong tropical freeze, smash bros, new super mario bros u deluxe etc using the joystick. I'm getting the idea I'm in the minority? I could be wrong though!



So with the indie treehouse today, wondering if king of cards will be dropped on the eshop today



Who wants to bet A Hat in Time gets a release date today?

Heck, I could even see it being one of those "available today on Nintendo eshop!" dealios.



I want a Castle Crashers release date more than anything, can't wait to play that game again!



I want Battle Block Theatre! Gimmmmme


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In a rush of self-congratulation for not having many upcoming games on my (immediate) purchase list I've just ordered Steins Gate Elite and Okami, so that's all that good work undone

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@Tangerine I use the D Pad for Street Fighter, NES Online, Puyo Puyo Tetris, etc

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ReaderRagfish wrote:

@Tangerine I use the D Pad for Street Fighter, NES Online, Puyo Puyo Tetris, etc

That makes sense. It's been so long since I used NES online, but I don't think I used the D pad even then. I wouldn't even know if my 2 pro controllers had defects, as many others report with their d pads!

A hat in time stealth release would be great That and castle crashers is on my list so either or I'd be happy releasing today.



I actually find myself preferring the Switch D-pad in many side scrollers. I guess I probably just got used to it, but I feel like it's so much better for precision jumping/movement



@PikPi I believe it probably is more precise. I should make a concerted effort to try using it more. I think solely using the control stick has just became ingrained for me.

I'm 14 hours into Persona Q2 now. I'm liking it lots (I completed the first game)

So far I've seen no new shadow's which is a shame. They are reused assets from the first game. The FOEs are all new at least.

Obviously the lack of English voice acting is another big difference and a shame.

But other than that I think the changes made improve on the original formula. Auto healing when returning to the main hub being a biggie, but there are many more.



@AlternateButtons No idea. They're focusing on "indie games" today, though, and Gears for Breakfast has been silent for months. This seems like the ideal opportunity to announce some sort of news about it.

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Who have interest with Doraemon and Bokujou Monogatari ?

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