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So I decided to get the 2 vouchers for $99. Alrwady preordered super mario maker 2. Holding out to see what else becomes eligible for future releases. The only future release I saw was Dragon quest builders which I'm not interested in.



@NintendoByNature I'm sure the other games coming out later this year will be eligible. I bet you can redeem your remaining voucher for say, Link's Awakening, Animal Crossing, or Pokemon Sword/Shield when they come out.

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@SuperWeird Pretty sure Nintendo’s online infrastructure is partially to blame. Other systems have it.


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@MarioLover92 I'll probabaly do Pokemon if it's eligible. Luigis mansion 3 links awakening and astral chain will prob all be physical for me



@JaxonH What’s the “Motion Control” option in the AC3 menu for? (Just switched from Desmond to Haytham)

Edit: Nevermind. Gyro for aiming, got it.

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@Grumblevolcano The PC port is left out as well. This is just Sega not giving a damn.

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@MsJubilee You can join a friend's lobby in the PC/Steam version:


Don't think you can join friends in public races though. But you can invite your friends while you're in the lobby.

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Regarding third party exclusives on Switch, unless Nintendo owns the IP, it aint staying that way. Expect Daemon x Machina to jump too.

Heck, Nintendo gets the shaft so much they end up having to publish multiplatform titles just to get them at all. Looking at you Dragon Quest, Skyrim, Dark Souls....

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Yeah if its a third party exclusive without nintendo's involvement its not staying exclusive. See Super Bomberman R and Octopath.

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I feel that games like Octopath and Sonic Lost World should’ve gone further in eliminating exclusivity. So not just PC but also PS4/XB1.

@MarioLover92 Oh must be just PS4 and XB1 that have it then.

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I find it staggering that people cry out to have everything ported to Switch yet when the PS4 has ports from Switch its the end of the world to those same people.

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Exclusives designed around a particular system's unique features, or that were partially funded with money from one of the big three, shouldn't go multiplat. So: your Zeldas, Marios, Uncharteds, Bayonettas, etc. They help to define the unique identity of a system, and they're important for keeping non-market leaders from sinking into obscurity. This is what Microsoft is missing, I think, and it's the reason they won't regain their footing unless Sony seriously messes up with the PS5.

Third-party exclusives not built around unique hardware features... eh. I still think it's important for systems to maintain some exclusives of this sort as well, but, at the end of the day, I won't cry myself to sleep about people invested in other ecosystems getting to play our timed exclusives. I care more about playing games on my preferred system. The only case where I'd be actively annoyed by this is if a company maintained exclusivity in one direction, but not the other. For example, since mainline Persona is very likely remaining Sony exclusive, I'll be actively irritated if SMT V goes multiplat. They need to either give each system their exclusive game (as I think they will end up doing), or allow both to go multiplat. Anything else feels unfair.

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Well, it's not wrong to port a game from Switch to other consoles, as long has it has stayed exclusive for a very long long time. Octopath Traveler and Super Bomberman R are good examples. I actually don't mind at all, as we already have played the game.

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I don't get the whole 3rd party exclusives staying exclusive is good mentality. I want stuff like Persona 5, Shenmue, Yakuza etc, why should I complain about Octopath or No More Heroes going multiplat?



The Nintendo fangirl in me gets a little disappointed when a Switch exclusive gets ported to other systems, because there's something kind of satisfying to me about having exclusive games on Nintendo platforms, especially after the Wii U was shunned by most third parties. Realistically though, it is of course a good thing for games to be accessible to more people so I don't have a problem with it.

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