Topic: Congrats to Shigeru Miyamoto well deserving of his award tomorrow

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Shigeru Miyamoto will tomorrow receive his Bafta Fellowship award at the Game British Academy video games Awards a quote from David Parfitt Chairman of the Academy

“The Fellowship is the highest accolade the Academy can bestow on an individual for their creative work and we are honoured to have Miyamoto with us to accept his award. With previous honourees including Hitchcock, Kubrick and Pinter, it is only fitting that Miyamoto be recognized alongside these other pioneers for his groundbreaking work. He helped to develop an entire creative industry and is still a major force in its continuing success.”

The Awards will begin at 8:45pm British time and will be streamed live via the Academy's Website what do you think of this award.

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Congrats to the big man

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Go, Miyamoto!

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