Topic: Which Mario Kart was the best?

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Corbie wrote:

I still prefer the original SNES release.

Same Here Everything in Smk was just so great i played it everytime i went to see my cousin at my aunt's place (from my dads family) we played mario kart super mario bros 3 and we played SUPER mario RPG AND ALL STARS

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Mario Kart Wii. I quite love the retro courses a lot more so than the new ones.

I would love a semi-sequel to Mario Kart Wii using solely retro courses. I even think it would kinda be fun if they put in Stunt Race FX courses too.

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I Played not all the mario kart games but they were some i really liked like Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart Wii but i prefer mario Kart wii because it has bikes and more courses so my favourite would be Mario Kart Wii

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My favourite is the original Super Mario Kart. Unlike the rest of the series it's very challenging (150cc mode is rock hard). I love blasting round the corners with the tight handling and powerslides - the weapons aren't so plentiful and there's more emphasis on driving skill. Also, nice colourful sprites and great music. Original hell yeah

Bass+X0 wrote:

I would love a semi-sequel to Mario Kart Wii using solely retro courses.

This would be great. My favourite courses on MKWii are the N64 retro ones. IMO the N64 version had the best tracks (Wario Stadium!!)

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Though I've enjoyed them all I think MKWii is the ultimate, with Double Dash coming a close second. Some of my favourite courses on that game



Super Mario Kart for me. I love playing that every now and again. The music is great, and so it the battle mode.
Second would be MK64 because I like most of the courses and the 4-player battle mode.
Third is MKWii mostly because of the online. But the battle mode sucks and so do the weapons (too many!)

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Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart DS both have better balance than the new Mario Kart, that's why I like them better.

And I like to snake so Mario Kart DS is definitely the best for me!

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I haven't played the SNES and GBA ones yet, but from what I've played i liked the DS the most I think.

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i like the wii one cuz it has tracks from the other games and it has good controls

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Looks like no votes for the GBA (I can see why, it was teh worst one ever)

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Double Dash, then DS at a close second.



MK DS for me. Great controls,courses, and online. Still play it now.

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Wii, even though it can be very frustrating, followed by DS.

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My vote goes towards Mario Kart Wii. With DS close behind in second and DD in third.

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Funky+Gamer wrote:

Looks like no votes for the GBA (I can see why, it was teh worst one ever)

That makes it sound actually bad...
Although it MIGHT be the worst, (I haven't played them all, sooo...) it definitely wasn't BAD.

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I like the GBA mario kart, I don't know why it gets all this hate. If you like any of the mario kart games, then I think you would like Super Circuit.

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mario kart ds without a doubt

super mario kart was good 2



Wii and DD. Mario Kart Wii has Wi-Fi and stages from past games.

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I should say SNES, and I should say 64... but I'm gonna say Wii. Wheel + Online + 32 tracks (new & retro) is super cool!



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