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Ummm I don't know. I made it my gamer tag on Xbox and 86 is the year I was born....Still can not explain RancidVomit though...probably cause I was bit drunk when I came up with it. - Dayman
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in remembrance of my daughter, caitlin, who battled leukaemia for 5 long, hard years. i use it for just about anywhere that requires a user name.

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@k8sMum Aww... That's so sweet... I'm kind of afraid to ask the question, so feel free to answer it on your own, if you already know what I'm trying to ask, all without pulling a nerve.

My username is the title given to my OC in my fic. He's the King of the Guardians (heroes), and controls all 5 elements of the Ring.

Spoilers if you are ever going to read my fic

The character itself has horrible mood swings, bi-polar disorder, social anxiety, you name it. He's insecure about his physical appearance, and always dresses semi-officially, as if to put on a good show. Having been humiliated and rejected all of his childhood, he has come to question his own sexuality and impotence. He spent his whole childhood surrounded by caring, female role models, leading him to question his masculinity. His social anxiety stems from the fact that not only he was the only elf in his school, but he was also a foreigner. He lacks the confidence necessary in a good king, and in the end, discovers he wasn't meant to be the King at all.

Honestly, my character is like this because i find it so odd that it's always the male protagonists who are strong, and the female characters are generally weaker. With the Hunger Games, we see an emergence of strong female protagonists, but I have never seen a weaker male protagonist. I always thought that would make quite the interesting story, and great fuel for character evolution.

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WWII is facinating to me, and I read a lot about it, as well as watch movies and play games. One game, Axis & Allies War at Sea, has you conduct battles with battleships, aircraft carries, submarines, etc., and I really came to like one of the ships I had used, the USS Intrepid. It was one of 24 Essex class aircraft carriers, and I also just really liked the name. It has a dual purpose, however. I am somewhat of a shy individual, and by naming myself Intrepid (meaning "Bold", "Ambitious", and "Daring"), it may help to make me more sociable. I see the name Intrepid as an inspiration.


I remember using this name since Pokemon first come out in the us (I was 10 at the time). My brother got WebTV box since we didn't have a computer to use to go online, even thought I had no clue what the Internet was and how it works.

When I first used it to go on the internet, it asked for a username. I remember my bro told me not to use my real name because people can search for me, find where I live, and kidnap me (again 10 years old and zero knowledge about the internet).

So I typed the first thing that pop in my mind "Raichu" my favorite Pokemon but it was already used. I looked around the room, saw my Ultraman toy, and the rest was simple. Since then I used it for everything username related.

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It's what I do for a living.
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Mine is the first two letters of my first, middle, then last name. And then an S on the end because S's are freaking cool.
Mr. Ju****** Le*** Do**** random S

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My favourite Pokemon is Bulbasaur, I was born in 1994. Simple as that

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One of my favorite bands is Parkway Drive, long story short I borrowed(stole) Parkway.



Well, my full nickname is NintendoHeart usually, but I've shortened it to just Ninte <3 on Steam, and people just kept calling me Ninte for ages both on internet and in real life. So the Ninte was born.

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3DS Friend Code: 3196-2836-3036


Midnight3DS because I tend to play 3DS around midnight hours before bed.

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Heh, this thread has a better title than mine, too.

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bezerker99 wrote:

Anyone seen the movie Clerks? If so, that's where I got berserker. I misspelled it unintentionally many years ago.

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Aaaaand, that's about the only line from that song that I can quote on this site.

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