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"Tertium quid" is Latin for "third thing". It refers to something that does not fit into either of two categories, both of which are considered to be exhaustive. In other words, it is an oddball, the odd man out, the undefinable, an enigma, an abnormality. In other words, me.
I also tend to add "42" to the end of my username. If you don't know why, you are an empty shell with no reason to live.



I was whining about not playing Earthbound. And dundundaa. I came up with BoundbyEarth. i really wanted to go by Puffy Snivy... But that's a whole 'notha story.

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Prince of the Future

'To tell you the truth, I like drinking tea and eating fresh vegetables, but that doesn't fit with my super cool image. I guess I have to accept this about myself.'
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It's ma name.

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I'm Old but sometimes still act like a boy although it's cool because my wife says 'all men are the bloody same!! '.
Also the film is one of my faves.

What's this bit for again?


I once misspelled "Jungles" as "Jingles" on a report, and seeing the typo made me chuckle. I've used it on a few other forums.

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"It's just a rule of thumb. If something incredible happens, I probably wasn't involved."

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i decided on this username because i originaly had a four other options for usernames. so i wrote the names on small pieces of paper, then i wanted to pick 3 out of a bag, dipping those three in water and choosing the two that were the most legible, and then closing my eyes and randomly grabbing one and ripping it apart, so i could be left with only one choice. then i thought "thats a really random way to choose a username, so instead of going through all that trouble i shall just become randomusername!" and that is the story of how my username was born. .... or it might have been that i was too lazy to come up with a good username and just went with something off the top of my head >.>

just a nintendo gamer on a nintendo related site (who wouldve seen that one coming?)
the random user name randomly became a Pikachu.


kkslider was taken for yahoo mail in 2002

kkslider555 was forgotten about for too long so let's try again!

yeah that's it. I use it now because...because...

why do i still use this name? I've used those two usernames since 2002/3 when I thought Gamespot was awesome for some reason so it's been so long that if there was a reason it's no longer relevent.

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I love sharks. I love Pokemon. What was the first Shark Pokemon? Sharpedo. Samehadaa. There you have it.

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Tasuki is a character from one of my favorite Anime series called Fushigi Yuugi who is also my favorite character. Not exactly sure when I started using that as a username but I have been using it almost everywhere that requires a username. And for all of those who are taking notes it is pronounced TAH SKI.

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Well my name is Caulker and under my bed there's a tag that reads: "wrath a la paraĆ­so," so I figure it becomes pretty obvious after that.

I've got the body of a taut, pre-teen Swedish boy.
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Moomoo is one of the partners in Air Zonk for the Turbografx. I found him to be the best partner in the game, and I really like Air Zonk, so yeah.

Best thread ever
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mine is DALLAS COWBOYS star...

"Its All About Those 2x Houston Rockets, 5x Dallas Cowboys, 1x Houston Astros, Texas A&M Aggies".


IIRC, I was playing (or had recently played) Majora's Mask when I started to frequent some forums. I thought Garo Master was the coolest enemy in the game so I decided to go for the nick Garomasta. Since then I've shortened it to Garo whenever possible.



It's similar to my name (sort of...), except for the 100, which I just put in randomly....

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Magic Emperor is the primary antagonist of Lunar: The Silver Star. Or its remakes, Silver Star Story, Lunar Legend, and Silver Star Harmony. Matter of factly, the avatar is said character.

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Sonic is my all time favorite character so when coming up with a nickname I just simply switched the letters around till it sounded nice and VOLLA. sicon was born but for some reason I couldent use sicon on NL and devianart so on NL I'm Siconlolz and on DA I'm sikcon




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