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Leaving for Lollapalooza later today, as I have a pre-fest aftershow ticket for a show tonight and will be staying with a friend of my brother's for the entire weekend. Same deal as before; I'm not sure if I'll have internet access (or if I'll want to be here), so see everybody here again on Monday. Maybe Tuesday if I don't get around to here immediately after getting back.

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Well, I'm done with my computer-programming class. It's been a VERY eventful four weeks (@Mickey knows what I mean, want me to explain?), and it feels great to be back here. I start high school on the 21st of this month, and I've already got two credits!

@Birdman Have fun! I've never been to a music festival, but it sounds (<-- pun not intended) very fun.

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CanisWolfred wrote:

JadeGirl wrote:

@Mickey yep thats him! Mickeymac, cool his name is CanisWolfred will have to remember that. Ah man I really liked chatting with TokenGirl.

Welcome back! And @Token_girl is still around from time to time, but I rarely see her in the forums. It's a shame, she was one of the smartest users I've met here, and that's saying a lot...

I must be the smarterest here, because I know the stuff. u__u
Right? ;____;

So many goodbyes...

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Leaving as it seems a certain member of the staff has it out for me and me only...tired of the hate and disdain I get wherever I go.

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Welp I'm going camping for the weekend (unfortunately), but I shall return on Sunday

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Hey guys! I don't know if anyone noticed (probably not) but I haven't been on for about a week.

I haven't been on since the beginning of last month (until now), so I couldn't have noticed. Alas, welcome back! It's nice to see someone I recognize from the beginning (of my existence on these forums).

@Neo-GeoFan Have fun, we'll see you back on Sunday!

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Neo-GeoFan wrote:

Welp I'm going camping for the weekend (unfortunately), but I shall return on Sunday

what's so unfortunate about that? Camping's awesome!

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I'm back from my 2 week vacation~

Hope all has been well around here :3

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Guess who's back! Thank you guys for your kind words! Camp was really fun! I got to do new activities (Kayaking, Fishing, sports like Nukem and Ultimate Frisbee), I met a lot of new and very good people (My favorite part), and got more knowledge on the Bible. Many of the people who came from a church called Cross Point are really smart and friendly along with a bunch of great campers. I was confused during some of the sports times to times (I don't really play sports, so), but I still had fun. I really liked Kayaking. I was terrible at first, but I got the hang of it and I loved it. The food was really good along with a great staff. The water was nasty, but everything else was really good, other than the fact that there was a LOT of food. LOL. There was also swimming, but I didn't go now and then, because it was cold. Plus, I'm not very good at swimming. They had this Canteen. Each camper has $10 (Counselors got discounts) to pay for a lot of sweets. Though I was watching my sugar, so I got little snacks. The last day I got A&W root beer (Best stuff on the planet ). I am mildly autistic: I was MUCH calmer than the other boys, so I thought it would be a challenge, but it went well. I got a lot to explain that was awesome, but I want to something quite sad:

After learning more about the Bible, I feel as if NL is not the right place to be. It has caused me some problems and I feel as if it's not right. The Bible is much more important than video games and I have been stuck focusing on unimportant things. It has kept me lazy and I don't like it. I am officially resigning from NL. It is no good for my life and I want to live to serve God. I prayed and it feels right that I should leave this website. I really hope that God will take your lives in amazing directions and that you guys will be saved. Just to make things sound good, I think I am starting to like girls. I am going to say this since I am leaving: I am 12 years old, though I physically look 15 or 16. I am tall, I have some facial hair, and I have a deep voice. I was talking to this girl who is 13 before I left camp and she was really shocked when I told her I was twelve. She was happy, because she said I am very mature for my age and was amazed by how much older I look. I told her my email (I hope she heard it). Her sister was impressed with my maturity and hopes I find a girlfriend in the future. I am kind of excited of meeting a girl, despite my age, I hope she got my email right. All right. Goodbye NL, and I hope you guys have a great time!



@Varia01 I mean see you! You''ll be missed.

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Shame to see you leave @Varia01, I hope things go well for you in life. Bye.
P.S. Good luck with girls.

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@Emaan Welcome back!
@Varia01 Oh. Well, I hope you have a good time with IRL stuffs.

I am going to be going on my last(I think) vacation this summer, to Chicago. I'll probably be on here tonight and maybe early tomorrow but I just thought I'd say that now, since I'm here.

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@Varia01, farewell and good luck with everything! We'll be here if you ever do come back~

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@Varia01 So long my good buddy.

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@Varia01 I'll miss you! You were one of my favorite users. But I understand your religious feelings, so I hope you have a good future!

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