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@Sylverstone Happy Belated Birthday! Congrats on the Pinkie Pie.

@Twilight_Crow Love the little Modok Twilight Sparkle. She looks so cute, but it's hard to describe why, or even how. I may give the story a pass however, but it does sound interesting.

@MasterGraveheart lol I'm not sure if that gif was what we were looking for.

@Tare and @Syrup I'm not a particular fan of 4Chan myself (Mostly for the same reasons that Lauren had mentioned, And the NSFW stuff.), but I'm glad that she was able to connect with the fans there, if only for a brief amount of time.

And the prototype dolls are hideous, but we all new they would most likely be anyways.

Oh, and the rating period has started on the next WeLoveFine competition. @Macattack entered the contest with this design.

Be sure to rate it if you like it.

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Happy belated, Sylverstone!


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@Sylverstone - Happy Belated Birthday

RP Post coming shortly
Looking away from the now two cords coming out of Discord's head and turning to look at Luna. "Well it was a little while back that The Princess..." Looking sheepishly at Princess Luna. "...uh, I mean Celestia visited me a while back. She came during the night to show off some new magic of her's dealing with cards. She mentioned leaving the throne and going to Las Pegasus. Though after that I'm not quite sure, something with a hooman but that night is kind of foggy in my memory." Twilight turns her head to stare out the window at the night sky. "I'm not sure why she got the idea but I'm assuming that means she's likely to head to a place where she can use her new card magic. I know there are some places dedicated towards magic trick and even casinos that she might go but I'm not sure which ones would be good to check." Twilight looks back at Luna. "Luna? Is there anything you might know? Would she like someplace more high class or perhaps a better hiding spot would be one of the smaller places where she might gather less attention? Maybe I've forgotten something that could give a clue? Any ideas at all Luna?"

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Hey all, it's been a while, didn't know this place was still active:

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Eh we have enough girl toy brands in this thread. Though, yeah it does seem like something I would stay watching if i randomly found it while changing channels.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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@Rocko52 Epic! I love how people can fit MLP clips with almost any theme song.

@Syrup Mattel also owns Monster High, witch Equestria Girly Girls was pretty much the market Hasbro was aiming for. If this is succesfull, i guess Equestria Girls 2 will have normal skin colours? Looks ok tough. I liked the narrarator, and i guess Little Red Hood being a (were)wolf is a neat idea.

Also i hear DC is thinking of a bloody Gotham High series. Everbody's doing it...

And have some Gravity Falls crossover that i found.

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@syrup Wow, that actually looks pretty good! Which doesn't surprise me, mattel's movies and webseries have been pretty decent lately.

@Corporalpegasus Haha that's so awesome Though rainbow dash looks a little too much like robbie


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@Syrup I'm not gonna lie... That actually looks pretty good. See Hasbro, Mattel just conjured up two completely original fantasy high-school shows. You, on the other hand, thought it would be a great idea to take four-legged horses and make a show about them turning human and going through high school.

My problem isn't with Equestria Girls; I'd actually be in full support of a real MLP human movie. What I dislike is how Hasbro used a completely fine and unrelated IP and just morphed it into...whatever EG is...

And those dolls... I can't even...

EDIT: After a quick search, I realize Mattel is the one who owns the Barbie brand. Since Monster High is outselling Barbie, I can understand why Hasbro wants to do this from a business standpoint; although, if they're trying to cash in on MLP:FiM's success, I think they're missing all their demographics (from the little girls to the grown men).

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We're trying to get some Kid Icarus:Uprising matches started again. Here's the times:

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Hope you can all make it!

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