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Oh great. Kid Icarus matches I can't join. Another reason to be depressed.


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Hello everypony! Hope your weekend is going great.

@Sylverstone Hope you had a Happy Birthday!

I don't like dolls, never ever liked them. For me every single Barbie like doll is a horrible thing. As such a doll hater, I won't speak about the silly EqG prototypes, since no matter how nice is the final product, I won't get it in a million years.

@Syrup Hey that animation is actually quite nice. The designs are like every other doll line, but at least they are nicely stylized, and the characters have interesting quirks. I think it all looks much better than EqG. Even the plot looks alright too, I bet it helps it was design as a HS drama from the beginning.


Tonight on the ==Fic of The Week,== a full series is gonna finish it's cycle, so a full feature is due. I present you:

The Petriculture Cycle by Kwakerjak

1. Petriculture
2. Inscape
3. Avocation
4. π
5. Pandelirium

[On Fimfiction Slice-of-Life/Adventure/Comedy Teen]

Thinking the idea of a rock farm quite strange, Twilight decides to investigate the past of Pinkie Pie. What she discovers will change their lives forever and will lead to very strange situations, specially when they are forced to face some old enemies.

This is a very original set of stories that create a very weird Alternate Universe with very imaginative (Hihi inside joke) rules.
First four stories are complete, with the last story Pandelirium barely starting.
Going from the weird discovery, to the depths of Twilight's mind, to the path of reformation of an old foe, and the beating Trixie really deserved, not to mention one of the weirdest ascensions to power ever. All that without Discord, and he is there now. This stories never cease to be creative.
The writing is decent, the characters well written (specially Pinkie), and the situations are well explained, while keeping a sense of simplicity I enjoyed very much.

And reading is magic:

Until next time bronies.

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@Syrup Ok, I cave. That actually doesn't look half bad. I was scared to watch any of it at first, but after a bit of proding I actaully saw it. It looks like it could go well, but I don't know. It's a wait and see I guess.

@Electricmastro lol I love myself some banana shoes, especially if Pinkie Pie is wearing them.

@Twilight_Crow Cool looking stories there. I like how they are separate but are connected as well. And that picture is so cute. Very fitting as well for your fic of the week post.

@CorporalPegasus Love the Gravity Falls and Kid Icarus spoofs. And thank you. Any help with ratings is appreciated.

@Caramel Sorry about that. I hope you'll be able to someday again.

Luna had opened her 3DS system and had started playing on it, halfheartedly listening to Twilight talking about the events that transpired in Ponyville not too long ago. "Yep.... aha.... ok.....," Was what she was mumbling as she raced a little pony in a go-kart down a rainbow colored road on her little handheld. She caught the first part of the conversation, but neglected to hear most of Twilight's questions to her. Just as Twilight finished asking, Luna's little pony raced across the finish line in first place, and so she let out a cry of victory, "Huzzah!" Everypony in the car looked her direction, as she realizes what she had just done. With her cheeks glowing a bright red, she says in a voice she had been practicing, "Umm... carry on...." She then looks around, to see that everypony was going back to what they were doing, and looks too Twilight. "I regret to inform you, Twilight Sparkle, but my memories of me and my sisters times together will probably not help us very much. She has changed after all this time apart. I say your memories will probably be our best move." She then looks to Pinkie Pie, asking Twilight, "Does your friend know anything that may help us?"

And another animation that I thought was quite well done. It's a bit on the creepy side, but nothing to scary from what I can tell.

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@Lunapplebloom Wow, that was pretty creepy in some parts! The guy did a great job, especially on the walk cycle and atmosphere.

@Electromastro Yay! Banana shoes!

Does anyone think it will be good idea to play Mario Kart 7 again this Saturday? It has been ages since we did that with a lot of people.

Vibes and low lights


I just realized this after talking with my bro and bro-in-law about Equestria Girls. If you plan to see it in theaters, make sure you bring a bunch of friends. That'll put off the likelihood of you being surrounded by little girls that could lead to pedophile accusations should there be few bronies in attendance. And most important, do not bring a video recorder or pull out your phone to record the movie (if you're one of those sort of people). That'll likely lead to further pedophile accusations and a call to the cops.

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@ZeroX - (If your going to keep changing names, I'm going with the shortest)
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It's never too early to be accused of things of this nature. This is 2013, where people sue at the drop of a hat. Just telling everyone to be cautious


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Anyone got an account, if you find this creepy mine is SirFrancisBacon if you want to stalk me.

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@SteamMistwalker I added you to my 3DS friends list, if that is alright with you?

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no problem ! i am adding you back as we speak

** false alarm wifi is down at work, will add u as soon as its back up

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