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There are other things I could point out to make the meaning clearer. Spanish is a hobby as well as a collegiate pursuit for me.

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You are what you eat from your head to your feet.


RR529 wrote:

I share a birthday with former president Ronald Reagan

I share my birthday with Ludacris. I also share it with a more tragic event, which makes my birthdays rather awkward.

always thought I'd change to Gyarados after I turned 20 but hey, this is more fitting I guess. (also somebody registered under the original Magikarp name and I can't get back to it anymore orz)

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@Magikarp I know how that feels. I share birthday with the 9/11 tragedy. I was born like five years before it happened though.

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I'm pretty interested in retro things. My first console was an SNES and the first song I learned was a Beatles song. My friend and I are the only teenagers in the entire school to see the value of retro gaming and useless memorabilla.

former usernames because i'm fickle: sushifreAk, Cyb3Rnite, Justice, AnActualDash, cath3Rine, rayneee
currently playing: nothing. i'm burnt out, i guess.

i like girls.

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Optimist_Prime wrote:

the_shpydar wrote:

Konata wrote:

1: Almost everyone I meet tells me "Wow insert real name here, you look like someone I know!"

This happens to me constantly. Constantly.

My theory is that it's because there's an army of clones of me spread across the globe. We simply await the signal to rise up and conquer all.

So to be clear... people you know call you by foreign names? "Wow Bob, you look like Konata!"

...I am now noticing how awful my grammar is.

Sir Zacharias Barnham is my new husband.
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I don't like internet memes.



SCAR392 wrote:

Metal_Sonic wrote:

Apparently my great-great grandmother got her eye gouged out by a Russian Soldier around 1900.. Not kidding..

Since were bringing up violence...
My dad killed 13 people during his duties as a U.S. Marine. He was a sniper, survivalist, and trained to kill in close quarters. He was only 18-23 years old during his time in the service.
I'm pretty sure everyone has a family member that has been part of war, considering there's been like 5 in the past century.

No one in my family that I know of have been to war. :/

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As for family in military, my grandfather served in the Navy, and my father served in the Air Force.

They were both fortunate enough to not have to take part in any conflicts, though (my grandfather served in a period between the Korean & Vietnam wars, and my father served in the early to mid 80's, where he was stationed at a missle silo in the middle of the midwest).


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I'm related to world-famous poet: Robert Frost.



I am the President of the 8th grade at my middle school.


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Billy Dee Williams won the race for senior class president when I was in high school.
That is not a joke.
It actually happened.
Some friends of mine made campaign commercials using sound-bites from Empire, Jedi and his Colt45 commercials; they were played along with the usual campaign commercials during morning announcements.
And he won.
When it was announced, the follow-up was "Since Mr. Williams will be unable to fulfill his duties, the runner-up shall serve in his place."
This happened.
I miss high school.

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I'm told I have the cutest nose ever.

[13:12] LordJumpMad stick his thong out at eme
[17:24] LordJumpMad: I will never male you happy >:[
[21:11] LordJumpMad: You insluted my words >:[
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undead_terror wrote:

BadBunny wrote:

I'm told I have the cutest nose ever.

And that you are a cat thats wants to be a bunny Untitled

Go annoy someone else.

[13:12] LordJumpMad stick his thong out at eme
[17:24] LordJumpMad: I will never male you happy >:[
[21:11] LordJumpMad: You insluted my words >:[
[16:32] turtlelink: gdi emmy. You'...

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