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If you could suggest one idea to nintendo, what would it be?
Lets face it, most of us have good ideas that will never come true... so lets get them off our chest here.

My idea would be a app called show-off's heaven. It is something similar to youtube, but instead, you can record gameplay of a game you are currently playing on the 3ds with the app then post it there where everyone using a 3DS can see it.

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My idea would be to find sponsors so VC games could be offered for free, like SMB3 bought you for free thanks to the support of Coca Cola, Coca Cola logo is displayed in the bottom screen while you play in the top one..... The ability to display ads in the second screen without interfering with gameplay makes the 3DS the ideal plataform for ad supported free games.....

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Buy Atlus Nintendo!


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Account system for the 3DS.

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My one idea would probably be to make some stupid app for the mobile phones for $0.99 that will sell millions and actually promote the purchase of the consoles at the same time from within the app. This would shut up people who don't understand the business and want Nintendo to move to these platforms.

My other suggestion will be to release at least 5 (or even 10) Wii U VC every week, constantly.

Then, in general, massive advertising. On subways, billboards etc.

As for the 3DS, to increase the daily coin limit to 25 or 30.

There are some obvious suggestions but also questions to ask - did anyone in an interview actually ask Reggie why the DKC games were removed from the VC? I'd like to know.

ferthepoet wrote:

My idea would be to find sponsors so VC games could be offered for free, like SMB3 bought you for free thanks to the support of Coca Cola, Coca Cola logo is displayed in the bottom screen while you play in the top one..... The ability to display ads in the second screen without interfering with gameplay makes the 3DS the ideal plataform for ad supported free games.....

That's brilliant!

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Buy Atlus, Miiverse 3DS. The big stuff, really.



Advertise more, make more games that use online multiplayer, and new Metroid, Star Fox and F Zero. That's all I want really.

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Their main problem at the moment is not enough Wii U console sales, and console sales won't go up without more games, but more games won't happen without console sales so they are stuck going in a circle. So it comes down to "How do you get more games without making more games", here's my thoughts:

Make every 3DS game available for the Wii U through the e-shop. I personally have no intention of buying a 3DS, but I would buy a handful of games in an instant if I could play them on the Wii U. All of a sudden all the Wii U owners that don't have a 3DS would have access to hundreds more games, and to my knowledge they make more from software sales than hardware sales.

Stop making indie developers jump through hoops to get development kits. Give them incentives to develop for nijntendo.

Look into emulating Android games, I think Android would be quite happy to get more sales by selling on nintendo, and nintendo would get more games, even if they are mainly cheap & dodgy I think there are a reasonable amount of good ones so it's win win.

More ports of Nintendo style games e.g. Recettear, Terraria, Stardew Valley. Port Mine Craft, I think it's already on everything else. Port Cube World, I think that will be big in the future also.

Other things I'd do to improve the Wii U as a whole.

It has 2 main startup screens that both look kiddy, I'd add an extra choice gamers can appreciate, with news, new releases, upcoming releases, etc Similar to logging onto Nintendo Life. Startup screen is like free advertising space that is going to waste at the moment..

Advertise the hell out of the 2nd screen & running games when the TV is in use. "Parent's watching the news, Play Nintendo", "Brother using the PC, Internet on your Nintendo". Not sure how well the net works on the nintendo, I haven't tried it, if it isn't brilliant then fix it.

You could advertise the 2nd screen as an e-reader as well, I don't think it does that at the moment but they should get it doing that.

Combine all the shop accounts, Wii, Wii U, and 3DS shops are all separate. Merge them together so we can have all our stuff on the same account, let us buy a 3DS game to play later while we are on the Wii U, let us browse & buy from the PC. At the moment you can't even LOOK at the shop without making an account on the Wii U, I didn't make an account for 6 months because I didn't have any reason to do so, but if I had seen a good game on the shop I would have made one sooner.

I have more, but those are the best of them.



Make a new Kid Icarus after you get done with Smash 4, Sakurai. I don't care if it's on the Wii U or DS4, but I want a Kid Icarus that has a 2D Land segment with a 3D air segment. I want it to have an AWESOME story, and replayability through the roof, so keep the Intensity stuff and weapons. This is all I ask for...

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A Miiverse for the Nintendo 3DS I would really like that.



1.wait 2-3 years for new handheld(call it HDS)

2.F-zero or metroid a goshdern pokemon ruby and sapphire for the 3ds there my favorite games plz do it.

thats my list

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Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past 3D should be unlockable in A Link Between Worlds for beating the game without dying.

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I'd have to roll a dice or something to suggest just one.

1: Have a female protagonist in the next Zelda game. Whether that's a female reincarnation of Link or Zelda herself dons the green tunic doesn't matter to me.
2: I want to play as the galactic federation from Metroid. Have a Left 4 Dead style Metroid game where there's a Mochtroid breakout and Samus takes a break.
3: Get Ninja Theory to develop a new Kid Icarus game. DMC was awesome and I think Kid Icarus would get right along with that playstyle.
4: Make a new franchise with voxel graphics like 3D Dot Game Heroes and have it play like Minecraft.
5: Make a new first person shooter franchise that's based around either zombies or giant bugs, and has a huge focus on local multiplayer.
6: Hire new people, buy out studios that are already loyal to you, expand your current development staff, and make new studios in the west. We need games out faster.



majora's mask 3d i need this game

add me ill add you 1418-7264-3771 i have mk7 kiu and getting ancl


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Idea for a game — Majora's Mask HD on 3DS or maybe even Wii U! Haha. Aside from this, maybe more N64 remakes on 3DS, sort of as a standalone collection type (Kinda like a Greatest Hits, but not — maybe a different colored box and just be "N64 Hits") — StarFox 64 HD, Ocarina of Time 3D, various others (Harvest Moon 64 3D, Shadows of the Empire 3D, etc etc.) =) =) You could walk into Wal-mart and see one whole section of 3DS games in red cases (or whichever color) and know those are the N64 remakes. Just my two cents.


Oh, and go buy Rare from Microsoft!!! =P

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1. Buy Mega Man
2. A stealth-based game starring Shy Guy
3. Miiverse on 3DS NOW
4. Nintendo Network on 3DS, with the ability to download any purchased VC games you have on Wii U (that are available on the 3DS) to your 3DS, free of charge
5. "Classic" style WarioWare for 3DS eShop with microgames that uses all of the play styles of past games (buttons, gyro, touch)

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