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I personally think that a soundtrack in a video game is extremely important. It is one of the biggest things I remember after I play a game, and the songs (usually) get stuck in my head for weeks! However, (and this is where I contradict myself ) a game's soundtrack is usually NEVER a deciding factor for me when it comes to choosing a game. What good is a game if it sounds great if it plays like crap, right?

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I have a lot of game music in my ipod. Mario Galaxy, NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon, and a live recording of Melee's OST played by Japan philharmonic. So I'd say I agree with you. It's important but not moreso than if the game's fun. Usually listening to the music reminds you of the fun you had playing.

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A good soundtrack can make a great game even better. For example, World of Goo, whose gameplay, physics, and concept are epic each in their own rights, has a soundtrack that just completes the package. Can you imagine it with a crap soundtrack?

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It depends on the genre for me. To me, a shmup and an RPG have to have a solid soundtrack. It carries the mood and sets the tone. But for most other games, I can forgive a mediocre effort. But I always appreciate it when a developer goes the extra mile and creates a solid musical score. It adds so much to the overall experience.

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It matters a lot more than graphics!

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It matters a lot more than graphics!

No that I can't completely agree with. I still put soundtracks below visuals. Not by much, but a bit.

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@Corbie: I personally prefer sound over sight since my eyesight is crap but my hearing is good. And I love music a lot, especially video game soundtracks

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I say to each his own. And in truth, it's so close, it would be a tight call. I so love it when a game really shines with a solid musical effort. It's generally a nice surprise.

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I think it depends on the game. I love sound tracks though.

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The Soundtrack is together with Gameplay on rank 1 of the most important things in a game for me. I love music and in games I play like Zelda and Castlevania the soundtrack totally controlls the atmosphere. In puzzle and think games like Picross the soundtrack helps you to stay entertained while thinking. Even pokémon has a great soundtrack. The music when you speak to different enemies is great and some pieces last about two minutes. A shame that you interrupt this music when you press A to get in the fight so you'll hear just about 2 seconds of the 2 minutes piece...

So like I said the soundtrack is together with gameplay the most important component of a game.
I have more game soundtracks on my MP3 player than actual songs.

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I think soundtrack are important because it makes the atmosphere of the game!



As long as it's emotional, atmospheric, epic, and/or mindblowing, or all four at once; music plays a GREAT factor in video games, especially Chrono Trigger and Breath of Fire 1.

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The score for a video game is one of the main things that decides my purchases, actually. I am a musician first, and a gamer second, therefore, the music is often a deciding factor.

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SSBB was a dream to me for its music. Quality or quantity? How bout both



Honestly, I prefer graphics over the music. Don't get me wrong, i love it when a game has a memorable soundtrack that fits perfectly with the game. Thing is, though, you can turn down the volume on a game with a crappy soundtrack but can't do a thing with crappy graphics.

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Soundtrack is important to me. Songs usually get stuck in my head for a long time. I would hate to just play a game,with no music at all. I'd rather not play the game.

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Well, a totally repetitive and lackluster soundtrack can make me quit playing a game, if a score is merely decent I don't pay to much attention to it, and keep playing, but when a developer goes the extra mile and offers us some great music on its game, playing it always becomes a better experience.

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