Topic: How many unfinished games do you have in your backlog?

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I'm curious. How much unfinished games do you guys have in your backlog? If you have any. Also which game does it hurt knowing that you haven't beaten yet.

I have 18 unfinished games.
I hate that I haven't finished Kingdom Hearts yet


Too many to list. I have a bad habit of buying to many games at once.

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I'll list every unfinished game I have. Only including games I still have. Also not including some games I haven't started yet.

-The World is Not Enough N64
-Pokemon Puzzle League's main modes that can as far as I know be completed
-Mario Party 2, Bowser Board thing, does that count
-Megaman X 3-6
-GTA: San Andreas
-Borderlands 1 and 2
-Brutal Legend
-Sonic 4 ep. 2
-Ninja Gaiden
-Crimson Skies: Highway to Revenge
-Red Faction:Guerrila
-Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
-Zack and Wiki
-Dewey's Adventure
-A Boy and his Blob
-Chocobo Dungeon Wii
-Sin and Punishment 2
-Sakura Wars which I just started...
-Paper Mario Sticker Star
-Ninja Gaiden (VC)
-Blaster Master (VC)
-Lode Runner (VC)
-Castlevania 2 (VC)
-Castlevania 3 (VC)
-some Shining Force game
-Red Steel
-Ghostbusters Wii
-lots of NES games on 3DS VC but eh
-same with a couple of the GBA 3DS VC games
-Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

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36/98 of my games are unfinished but I haven't got round to nulling the games I don't intend yet.


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