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Who was there to give you a hearty welcome into the world of Nintendo Life (granted if you were on here after August 22, 2009)? It was probably StarBoy91, who has been on this site for a whole year. Along with Otaku, he was one of the first friends I made when I came here more than a month ago. Today, I'm here to celebrate our favorite Luma-loving user. Along with this hearty thread, I have made a special avatar to celebrate. In other words, like the title of this thread says, Happy Nintendo Lifeaversary, StarBoy91!

My fellow users, you too can celebrate! Post a response celebrating StarBoy91! Unless he wants me to delete it.

If you can't read my avatar, it says, "Happy Nintendo Lifeaversary, StarBoy91!"

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I'm back (for the moment)!


To the nicest person on the internet! Starboy, congrats!

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Congrats, Starboy.

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Happy Nlifeaversary!
Nobody noticed mine back in May... >:3



Happy one year anniversary StarBoy! I'm very glad that you joined Nintendo Life and I hope that you stick around for a really long time!



Yay Starboy, hands down the nicest NLifer and always there with a positive word!

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Starboy's avatar makes me happy



I can't wait to see your new avatar, they are alway so bright and colorful.

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sonic_brawler95 wrote:

I can't wait to see your new avatar, they are alway so bright and colorful.

Not to mention star involving.

Happy NLifeversary, Starboy! May your star-loving life continue for a long time here!

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Alright, time for the cake with the surprise in it

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Congratulations Starboy!

Squadala! We're off!
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Happy Aniversery!!

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Congradualations on surviving 1 whole year on this site.
(I've been here for 2 1/2 years and no one brought me cake.)
Netherless, Happy internet birthday.

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I don't know how to react when I come to someone's 1 st birthday...
Well, happy first birthday, I suppose.

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congrats StarBoy

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Happy nl Bday starboy, heres some tasty star bits ☆☆☆☆☆



Happy NLifeaversary, StarBoy. Always speaks up with nice words, that star.


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