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Don't hurt me, but I just don't like FPS games that much. I have yet to find one that I can play for more than a total of 4 hours. I'm just not that into them, and I honestly think the genre is overrated. I'm probably the only one here that's like this? The only FPS game I'll spend a little time with is the one that give you a weapon when you first start the game, UNLIKE Half-Life (sigh)...

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FPS's are'nt overrated, just overpopulated. There are some good ones out there like Bioshock and in my opinion Prey.

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Like Braz said, there are just too many clones out there. All FPS games look and play exactly the same today, and it seems that's all the non-Nintendo consoles have to offer. They all have their own unique differences and gimmicks, but when it comes down to it, it's a bunch of games trying to make something "hardcore" and "serious" out of an archaic formula. Doom and Goldeneye didn't need any of that, and those are the types of FPS I like. Nothing too complex, just shoot everyone and it's fun. When you try to make it "hardcore" by adding all kinds of special attacks and controls, and making the graphic "ub3rpwnage", it begins to get boring to me.

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I haven't bothered with FPS games for a good while now; the most recent FPS I played was F.E.A.R. on PC (except for Onslaught), and I thought it was boring to play. But some of my favourite games of all times have been FPS games... especially No One Lives Forever. (I never bothered with Bioshock with the copy protection scheme it had and all.) And System Shock 2 (PC) had some really scary moments, if you're willing to consider it an FPS. On the other hand, I liked Half-Life a lot (not so much the sequel).

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If I'm going to play a FPS just for the sake of shooting everything that moves, I have a special place in my heart for Unreal Tournament 99 (aka Game Of The Year Edition) and UT3. Oldschool FPS's are also great like Doom or Marathon.

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UT3 wins forever. Half Life 2 wins forever on the solo front.

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Conduit FTW ^^!

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I always enjoyed the Metroid Primes and Halos.
Though as many FPS that are out this gen, makes me uninterested in future releases. Unless their on Wii, since we don`t have as nearly as much.

Conduit FTW^^!!!

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Conduit FTW ^^!!!

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Conduit FTW^^!!!

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We all have genres we just plain don't like, I can't stand shoot'em ups, though that may simply be because I'm terrible at them to be honest.



I love First Person Shooters ALOT, but then I've been playing 'em since the good old days. I love a certain First Person Adventure much more though.



I'm not a huge fan of them, but The Conduit is pretty nice and doesn't overstay its welcome. The Grinder also looks to be one of the very best games on the Wii ever, so I'm hyped for that.

Generally I prefer a 3rd-person action title every time.

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